Saturday, April 28, 2007

My air

Many kinds of People come & go in one's life,bt have we wondered y some of them suddenly bcum so importnt & nt juz there mere presence is somethng u want them 2 b presnt evrytym wid u & widout cnt imagine wt your life would hve been....Ya I do agree Parents,Family,Siblings, al are essentially everyone's sure shot priority.Bt wid few other relations like Friendship life is even more worthier than itz 2 live & give unconditioanlly.This post is dedicated to my air..My AKKI...(shez clld AKHILA) fondly clld by al as AKKI,AKZ n many more such for me shez more than al these is juz a cause 2 show fondness but u mean 2 me much more than dat gal...I seriously don't know where wud i stand in dis long stretch of Life widout u.I wont say Im totally dependent on her bt definately shez a major life support 2me...aft al widout oxygen none can survive.Times swings on its own a single time this gal has left my side..juz thankng her once won't b enough...I owe u a lot..seriously...n being ur friend for lifetime mite suffice that :p..I hve felt d pang of pain & sadness,loneliness at times u go away from me & u aint there 2 show me where Iam wrong.I knw whn ill tell u ive written a post 4 u ..ull juzz react in a way...Kyu mujhe chada d twinkle in your eyes ...:P...i knw u na..after al itz being like 7 longggg years....Ive jhelofyng u..lolol..jokes apart,these 7 yrs mean a lot 2 me..n d gift of life n frndship tht u hve given has just no comparison.I distinctly remember days v r actly talkng itz so hard 4me 2 keep in a mood thats so clld bein HAPPY widout U in it..n hve prayed 2 God these days nevr come, bt aren't v two big weirdos...hum dono fite b krte hain widin dot 24 hours we make up..ppl ask Maddy ..Akki u gals dnt fite or wat..haan d world is just so jealous of our frndship...lolol (juzz kiddng) maybe this is wat is clld understandibly stupid..We both do d craziest of things together & play pranks (rather she does more of it) & live each moment khushi ho ya gam..alwyz zapped toghether,n may u b der wid me like dis only 4 now n alwyzzz n 4ver......I love uuuuuuuuuuuu a lotttttt..
Thatz al for now i guess...will add on 2 this later,ofcoz i cn eventually landup writng a book for u..lolol..:p but wil definately write u bigger times 2 come sweetie.