Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss u ......

Well back after apologies first...well moving on..I hope u people must have missed me while I was away :P I missed you guys too..and nowadays (or should say most recently) it seems my life has taken such a major U-turn that I see everything is going haywire and nothing seems right and at times I feel nothing but lonely. I know I have my friends (includes u guys too) you all here when I need you right there, but still it feels like many questions are so clogged in me and Iam struggling to get their answers. But all in will u guys help me out...???
So some of the questions...

1. Why do we actually miss somebody we love atmost dearly...(there r many reasons which lead to its answer but still....)

2. Sometimes it so happens that the person we love doesn't necessarily miss or love us with the same amount of exuberance and feelings???why are there cases of One sided love - even when situations show that both the parties (i mean the boy & girl) are equally and totally in love with each other???

3. Why does long time relationship (say about which is more than 5yrs) break off so easily...doesnt the love,trust and commitment no longer remain the same???

As of now these are few questions popping out...all your inputs are most welcome..thanks in anticipation..
So long...once again Iam sorry for being absent but promise to cover up for it within few days and promise to be more regular in the blogging business as well :)
Cheers... :)...