Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Random Eight .........

Well Preetilata and Jaggu tagged me ages ago but I could not just fit in the right time to do it..sorry the two of u..but now without waiting or making you wait I shall proceed.... :P..The tag was on listing out 8 random facts about the other rules of the tag are...

Tagging rules: 1. When tagged you must link to the person who tagged you. 2.Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random facts/habits about yourself. 3. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other bloggers.

Now one or two RANDOM FACTS is okay but 8....hmmm :P

1. Well the reason I was glad when this tag was passed on to me because it had my lucky number 8 so wanted to attempt on it, so stupid but thatz me.... :D

2. I share my birthday (26th July) with George Bernand Shaw the famous dramatist,writer of his time...but come to think of it...hmm any such feature in me as great in him...wel yeah ...I do write but I totally Randomnise writing but you love it that way..right :P
3. Well my grandfather named me Madhavi because that time in Kolkata there was this very famous Bengali star Madhobi Chatterjee and my grandpa loved her way to act :P and also my grandmother got reminded each time of Lord Krishna (Madhav) each time she saw my lil but strands of curly needless to say my hair grew fast..n finally led to my name to be kept as the female version of Lord Krishna(Madhav)'s name MADHAVI.... :)

4. Though Iam very disorganised person :P and have my things mostly scattered evrywhere...I just cant stand even if a small portion of my dress or whatever gets dirty... Iam particular about my dress,if somethng falls I just run to the wash-basin to rub off that stain or hinch of dirt :P


5. The word LOVE plays a pivotal role in my life.....I just love.....Love... :) be it in any form.... whether received or given..probably the best gifts in one's life... :D and this extends to each n evry entity in my life or the relationships I have been gifted with till now.... all ..all r special :

6. Hmm... as a young gal I have or should I say still after being 21 yrs of age (hehe) I just can't stop dreaming, err.. I mean fantasizing :P I always dream of crazy a Prince Charming shall come one fine day and take me sweeping movies evrything has to be become positive & happily end :P and many more such crazy shall elaborate more later... thatz why I say...the Kid in me shall never die even after I become 80+ n above.. & I have no regrets to this as wel.. :P

7. If given a chance I would love to travel through a time machine and fly down to my past...lemme also see what I would I have been in my previous birth ???? human,animal, inanimate object.. or what.. :P....U all r most welcome to give your answers :)

8. Well now what would call me,I myself don't know..Im one big time crazy gal :P who weirdly confused bizzarly absurd... :P I love music...its in my very admit I love singing but I love dancing more than singing...even if a
romantic soft number is going feets move automatically :)then again I love accounts and was on top of the world when I scored the highest in my 10th Boards, then in 12th got through wid 78% in accounts & now (lemme tell im persuaing Arts noe :P) & when Iam in a stage where I need to decide what my future,where it lies....n after many confusion I have decided to hit for Event Management...accounts n managing events....haha...then I hate to draw n I landed up doing a 20 months course on Multimedia n animation woawwwww... hehe :P and I just cant admiring art,I even patronise evry form of art..according to me painting is the expression how life is.its the way u paint...I love colors...and yes Iam big Nature freak........I love now u understand how utterly complex Iam then I believe Iam very simple n a soft hearted girl but according to my star sign Iam a u find any similarities....goshhhhhh...I myself sympathise with all those who bear me..thanks folks :) ...n more for that one man (who is still to come) coz hez the one after all who has to put up with my go cart maddness,tantrums for his lifetime :)Damnnnnn...she goes onnnn jabbering......hehe....but nothing can be done now....coz I love the way do u don't U.. :P

So how was it knowing me yet again... :P as I say sometimes u dont know the person until ur last breath....dont worry will keep revealing about myself quite often n so u all will certainly who this Madhavi is....and I m nt tagging anyone specifically
but the first eight comments I receive should consider themselves tagged [so I will only recomment after the 8 long Happy reading :)].

Monday, November 26, 2007

Itz me Again....!!!!!!!

Well now don't go by the date for some stupid reasons I couldn't blog :( now I won't bore you all with stating what held me, why didnt I blog for ages..... So without delaying any further ado lemme come to post...well this a Tag I picked up from Mann and voluntarily wanted to execute here goes... :)

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?

It was not a laugh but a smile embedded with few tones of laughter, credits to A for that :D can someone get crazier by days...he does...:) But I luv him for that ;)

2. What were you doing at 0800?

Sleeping...what else do you expct from an 'normal nocturnal human being' to do at 0800 cmon ;)

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?

Well I am still doing it....kinda having really interesting session (read as chat) with The Bizzare Kid and that too without any disturbances right Bizzare ;)

4. What happened to you in 2006?

So many things keep each month had something very eventful attached to I can't go on writing each one simply because all are Speciallllllllll n very special.. :)

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?

WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I was utterly mad at my Cable operator...too long a story so if u don't mind shall go on to the next question)

6. How many beverages did you have today?

Itz like 11.45 up at 8.45 (don't be suprised was still lying on the bed till 9.15 :P) then as usual my day begins with my cup of freshly brewed coffee that my grandmom just outttttttttt of the world... :D..thatz all I drank till now ;)

7. What color is your hairbrush?

Silver metal....(it was written on its back when I purchased it :P)

8. What was the last thing you paid for?

To the laundry fella...had to get my shirt pressed for college today :)

9. Where were you last night?

Hmmm lemme a cold cold winter night I in a small dark room was neatly wrapped up in a cosy blanket and dreaming away as simple as that...In my home...:)

10. What color is your front door?

Itz off was brown recently got it repainted...

11. Where do you keep your change?

In the small zipped section of my wallet..

12. What’s the weather like today?

Itz chilly and windy....and Iam lovingggggg it :)

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor?

And the award goes to not one but two.... :) Strawberry & undoubtedly Chocolate chips...

14. What excites you?

Well my best friend I get excited each time when I overbrim with happiness...thats always na so...Iam ever excited whatever be the reason hehe :)

15. Do you want to cut your hair?

Well yes but not exactly I wanna trim it for sure...

16. Are you over the age of 25? now why do u need my age....??? :P

17. Do you talk a lot?

Oh yes I do talk a lot but only to those whom I know.....& who know who Iam :P

18. Do you watch the O.C.?

No....because I dunno know even whats the O.C....????

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?

No.....well who's he...?????

20. Do you make up your own words?

Yeps sometimes....there are quite a few ;)

21. Are you a jealous person?

Hmmm no Iam not....

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’.

Now I have too many friends who have their names starting with 'A' best friend,..then therez this Mr 'A'..& for more look on my blogroll list as well :P

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’.

Well I don't have any friend whose name starts with 'K'

25. What does the last text message you received say?

'Wud U blv a teenager now-a-days? I ws in a templ whn a guy nxt2me lit a cigar fm the ARRTI!!! I ws so shockd I nearly droppd my Beer bottle...'

26. Do you chew on your straw?

Eewwww why on earth should I...I have Much better things to chew on :P

27. Do you have curly hair?

Yeshhhhhhhhh... :D

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? because have my classes from 2 onwards :(

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life?

Fortunately have not encountered anyone as such..

30. What was the last thing you ate?

Haldiram's Khatta Meetha Chanachur.. defines me totally :)

31. Will you get married in the future?

Yeshhhhhh would luv to... :D

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?

Hmmm...Well last movie I saw was OSO but you say 2 weeks prior to this post so I assume it should be none other than Vivah..........I just love that movie I can just go on seeing it again n again..n this was my 2nd time...

33. Is there anyone you like right now?

Yes I do... :)

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?

The last night...every night I clean up the kitchen so doing the dishes comes with it only...

35. Are you currently depressed?

Well not depressed but upset for some reasons...

36. Did you cry today?

No I didnt cry today...

37. Why did you answer and post this?

Because answering 38 random questions seemed to me interesting & exciting..and also hadn't posted for ages so I guess ... :P

38. Tag few people who would do this survey.

Open to all...........whoever wanna do I welcome to do so....

Done.........well the reason the font is big because my fonts were not legible..and myself was understanding why inspite of writing in big fonts it got published in the small fonts & also received complains..hope it's okay this time Chappie :)

Happy reading more laterz I promise....coz loads of pending posts (tags) hehe coming up :)..........

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Hmmm wel this is just a small post but something which was of a really different experience :) which is gonna remain really special till ages to come...wel the date was 15th November,2007 n this Mad Mad Maddy was in her office...I mean....I have to work in an office for 1 month as a trainee n get a working certificate...wondering why all this crap...becoz all this is part of my course study..anyways coming back to the eventful day...well it kicked off to be normal day but since 2days prior to this or maybe 1 week plans with Wacko were going on...oh ho... plans as in we were planning to meet..yes u read it right....WE WERE GONNA MEET...but the dates n time nothing was decided..since he had some work in Kolkata he decided this time he would meet me..hey hold on u all know who Wacko is na....wel he was a blogger friend till 15th but after the 15th obviously a friend n not a virtual one :D ....well he scrapped me on the 14th nite that if his work finishes up quickly on 15th he would call me aound 5pm or so n then we could see if we could meet up or not (initial plans were that we were gonna meet on Saturday the 17th).While was in office (wasn't doing anything was fiddling with my pen n checking some flight arrivals' status) my phone rang n I picked up now I neednt say who had called itz self evident na :P n he informed me that hez free n we could meet at a nearby metro station on his way back home.So I immediately went and asked my Madam (my boss) if she could grant me a half day leave since my friend frm Dehradun had come to see me.. :D n greatfully she granted the leave n off I went to meet this guy who proclaims himself to be WACKO :) oh btw I forgotttttttt it was a day with the most lovely was raininggggg :D though drizzling but seriously Nature was at probably one of its best mood perhaps :D..So as planned reached the metro station around 4.35pm,Iam sorry re made u wait...n then he asked whether we could move out n I agreed readily but my umbrella goshhhh leave it aside somehow managed to n finally make it to Barista where we two settled down...n poor he was more than wet n was feeling cold too...I was buried in quite frosten but safe under my was him who was feeling the shivers..though was quite full...still managed to finish the Calzanes (which he got, never had tried them before but were good :) though) n the AC was literally freezing the two of us...& since we were wet so in order to avoid any kind of problem we decided to move out before we end up sneezing..atachoooooooooo :P n I guess he did land up having cold n me as wel :).. Well till now U all read how we enjoyed n stuff....but now comes the actual thing..hmmm to WACKO (known to all by now :P) is not an Wacko in the real sense hez a really calm,yet crazy kinda guy who loves enjoying life his Own his talks u might end up drawing a conclusion but no u can't do tht even after meeting him..believe me each time he evolves with a different mood n character..though was a bit apprehensive about how this whole thing (the meet n following thngs)would fall...the comfort level seeped in when Ive no clue...I guess it was not like we were meeting for the first time...thatz for sure he uses his F*** word quite often but if I tell u itz quite just the reverse in reality....his rich vocabulary would impress u beyond limits :) n his company is an assurance of lifelong happiness..maddness....craziness & fun unlimited....I enjoyed so much myself tht day...n Ive told him this before on orkut when I saw his pic there,u r cute Mr Wacko ;) but now Ive to admit...U r seriously cute..gals look out ur man is here :D n yes a really cool friend...he is selective about his choice of friends n indeed Iam so lucky to have found sucha friend in him n be his friend....Take care...Cheers to our friendship >:D<

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Itzzzzzz My FMORT !!!!!!!!!!!!

I was tagged by Mann - []

Off I go.......
Hmm Thoughts .... how hard it is to needs a brain which I don't seem to have :P
Okay gosh now Im not able to think at blank out.....when I do usually think by in case :p
What the jeez when are my results gonna b out..first give the exams for 4 longggg months then do we have to wait for another 4months for it to b out...:(
The door bell is ringing who the hell has come now....
Iam feelingggggggg so sleepppppppppyyyyyy ...but wait I can't sleep now..I put on more weight..Damn Im gonna sleeppppppppp...wait lemme finish this post then off I go to sleep...
but wait I to inform others tht Ive updated my blogpage....aarghhhhhhh
Aarghhhhh my computer it needs reprogramming...oh ho Ive to tell Dad to get the speakers repaired........Im missing Iam alive without it.....

Hey coincidence...Just saw now...itz 11th of November thatz 11/11 and I wrote as in.started to scribble the post at 11A.M..thats something :):):):):)
Hmm I wonder what that stupid (Mr 'A') is doing now...didnt even phone me..dodo....itz been like 5days I last spoke to him...Iam missing UUUUUUU :(
Need to get my work permit signed by the Principal...but 90% of the working days hez not there in the office...hmph.......
Kaise na aaye mohe laaj sajna....why didnt I listen to this song amazing...yesh yesh Deepika dances well..even though she looks dumb (cmon I saw her interview :P) but definately looks georgeous she does dance
Oh hoooooo so much time gone....5minutes to be over within some 90 seconds more...
I didnt call Akkiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for 2days......Hey I wanna have a food now for sure :P but can go for a coffee......Iam going to brew some fresh coffee myself....
Itz been like ages I really went out...........I need a book to read...Iam getting too bored at home..I guess Il go for either Ruskin Bond or The Zahir...
Ooohhhhhh can't get over SRK....he rocks......for sure.....OSO was full rockinggggg....I love SRK...I love him .. :):):):):)
When will I learn to cookkkkkkkk....Iam such a lazy bum...But who caressssssss :P
Hey I need to clean my wardrobe..........meeeeee n meeeee
I need to do my projects soon enough..still not thought about the sections..oops..questionnare is needed done too...15 head is spinningggggg...jeezzzzzzzz
Hey nice to recieve compliments Iam receiving so many these days..feels good at times....n sometimes annoying when itz bit too much...why don't people have other work to do!!!!!
Thereeeeeeeeeeee.......time over......was this is a Tag..I hve to awarded the TAG QUEEN AWARD for sure..............time up.....submittttttt sorryyyyyy publish.......


So what is FMORT?
FMORT stands for Five Minutes of Random Thoughts. It is a byproduct of a wild whim that played in my mind during one of my day dreaming sessions. In an attempt to bring something productive out of it, I thought of giving it a shape. It is fun to read what people think, when they are asked to think for five minutes of allotted time.Steps to follow:Get an alarm/stop watch, piece of paper, pen.Set the alarm to ring 5 minutes 10 secs later.Take deep breath for 10 secs.Now, set your mind free.Scribble whatever comes to your mind on the paper for 5 minutes.After 5 minutes, tweak the scribbles into meaningful sentences.Post it to your blog.The title should be, "My FMORT". Dont expand FMORT in the title as the purpose is to popularize FMORT.The first line should read, "I am tagged by XYZ", where XYZ should be the name of the blog who asked you to tag and link XYZ to the post.Then ask a fellow blogger to do the same and link to your post.Now sit back and relax.You would be amazed at the speed with which FMORT spreads.And you will be one link of the long chain on Internet.

And this tag moves on to...
Black king....
n rest I can't think of any name who can be tagged :)...anyone open to take it up :)
Happy reading fellas..........

Monday, November 5, 2007


Shez known as Neeraja to the world & many of known people,acquaintances address her that way..then shez Neers,Neeru,Bonnie,Sunshine,Kishie to us but no matter what she is always one gal who is just more than NEERAJA..........n this might be a really small post but lemme take full opportunity of being a Blogging member & utilize this Blogspace once meaningfully n wish this sweetest running Birthday............Iam not gonna go about n start lecturing or write history of hw evrythng started n wt relationship v share :P becoz all of u know na evrythng by now so it becomes it needs no further explaination n those u don't know will...well lemme know I shall do the needful :)...........

Love ya loads n listen today Im sentencing u lifelong imprisonment in the wide cell of our hearts for now n forever n don't U dare try to escape becoz u just can't Baby........ :) :) :)

N U R REALLY SPECIAL.......... N ALWYZ WILL BE ... >:d<>
Ill stop now..........or elseeeeeeeeee Il just go on writing on n onnnnnnnnnnnn :D :D :D

5 Stars.......Few Famous Fives....!!!!!

Hmmm it seems "Tags" are somethng which has consumed 90% of my lil blogspace n further continues to do...n thanks to my dearest blogger mate Fleiger (Amey) yet again I hereby present yet again before U my friends more of me as I promised in my previous post :)

Well I go....

1. 5 Things Found in My Room ...........

Now since I share my room with my grandmom it has to be more or less clean or else a smacking is alwys there to back me or straighten me up if I go about categorising 5 most important things found in my room they would be......

i. My Almirah........the place where I pile or say dump everything as in literally EVERY SINGLE THING into it my bag,dress :P now which actually leaves nothing more outside na...ur wrong...there r stil thngs scattered around :P

ii. My Computer........thanks to which Iam posting this TAGGY WAGGY n though itz a total Dodo n on the verge of extinction :P but god knows what makes it still hang on whatever b it..thank god it is otherwise I would hve been nt alive n petition has already been sent to the Supreme Court (as in my dear Granny n my Dad) for getting a Laptop but the case still under reviews god knows when the results shall be declared ... I hope sooooooooooon :(

iii. My study table....which is more of litter table,hardly used for studies n more for displaying my notes,thousands of pages (as in xeroxs),my landline phone (which again is used mostly by me :P) n a medicine box which has medicines for god knows how many diseases,infections :P

iv. A painting of Shri Tirupati Balaji....... :) :) :)

v. My bed ofcourse yaar... :P

2. 5 Things Found in My Bag ..............

Hmm Bags........ I love bags ;) have a bigtime fetish for them :) n recently being gifted with not one but two - two :D I keep shifting my things from one bag n swap in moments it goes into another :P

i. My note books.....yes indeed there are few note books in it :P even if no note is with me my Rough copy has to be still der[Yes even now being in 3rd yr I carry a rough book :)]

ii. A tube of vaseline & Lip gloss....Amey told me b candid na here u go ;) and also my comb :P.

iii. My best friend all through times of thick n thin :D

iv. Pens ofcourse without it how can u imagine a student's bag oh cmon'....... :P

v. My wallet primarily or sometimes the tiny coin purse.

3. 5 Things Found in My Wallet.........

Hmmmm my small though multi pocketed Black leather purse I luv it itz vry helpful... :)

i. My college ID & a Metro ticket [which is valid for 1yr as in I dnt hve to pay each time for the journeys till my card expires :)]

ii. Cash ............... Cash in the right to me cash in the left to me..obviously..... :P & coins also :)

iii. Vodafone 10-30 Rs/- small recharge vouchers (always have to keep it matter what my balance ends up near to nil in evry second day... :( .... :P somethng must be done rite ;)

iv. Old cash memos ...infact I found 2 old ones today only :P god knows how does all of it stays in my wallet...i mean why do they myself dnt knw ... lolol...

v. One passport size photograph....just incase of emergency... who knows :)

Phewwwwwwww done with your tag Amey did I do justice do the numbers ;)
now Ive to tag 5 people.......hmmmmmm ummmmm

1. Kishie... long time, didnt tag u na ;)

2. u enjoy doing this boy :)

3. Pri........will u do this dear.....pls........but u dunno hve an option do u ;)

4. Wacko..........Anshuman get into more weirder action now...coz I hve tagged U... :P

5. Hmmmm Akanksha...........if u get the time dearie....I know ur busy sweets but whn U get the time since I cnt get through with any other name :)

Okayyyyyy long Happy reading n happy executing tag (those who hve been tagged) take ur own time n do it :) no hurries ..sometimes good to b considerate :P.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Heya friends....back finally after jumping up n down n enjoying myself throughly in the Pujas n not to forget the marriage I went for 1 week.The marriage,the Delhi trip & on the whole the entire experieince was just amazing......Loved each n every moment,meeting Vands, Mann, Tanuj, Pratham, Vand's college n school friends was really so out of the world...lemme leak out a secret here.. I had never met anyone of these before until the marriage...n even after meeting for the first meetng a feel of meeting for the first time did not come Vands herself told Cheri it feels like I knew U since forever n are not meeting u for the first time :D so luv ya Vands....Now I promise to come to Delhi more often..coz my reasons to stay in Delhi has doubled thanks for evrythng sweetie :). Hmmm Pratham...mannnnn the first reaction....this guy is crazy just like me ( not tht I didnt know bt stil after meeting him it got confirmed) such a mast banda...n thanks Da for being there with in those 'stranding moments' n not only these few moments for every single moment v spent together...Hey luv U Da.Now next comes in row Mann & Tanuj.......jeez u guys look chooooooo chweet together n look so perfect together n Im so looking forward to your wedding guys ;) b it runaway or much hyped watever :P. Such sweethearts...n thanks for this meeting n many many more in the future :).Actually am running out of words for u people so just saying one biggggggg Thanks n letting out big Hugssssssss to u..... :) :) :) :) :) .Neers,Tash,Tan & Garu .............. U were missed gals toooooo much..but never mind as they always a next next time I want all of us together n indeed Iam gonna see to it that this happens n it will . Luv ya as wel sweeties n thanks to u all as wel :) :) :) :) :).

Thatz all for now...this is was just an update on the post marriage n puja thingie...and yes sillyyyyyyyy me how could I add on to this super happy month n season with Diwali just a week ahead of all of us therez one more happyyyyyyy thing........n Lil bro is coming after 6 months from his hostel home....awwwww babyyyyyyyy iam waiting for u bache..itz been like 6 months n up I last saw him :( n must say my lil baby bro has grown up so much...I feel so proud of him..luv u darliing...... :) :) hugs to u.......

Oh n btw I just forgot itz SRK's budday today.........HAPPYYYYYYYYY BUDDDAYYYYYYY :) :) :) n coincidentally am listening to Main agar kahoon from Om shanti Om rite now.........wat a song n no words to describe the King Khan....May u live 100000 years n keep it going n keep us entertained like alwys n forever...Cheers n Happy Bday to U :D.

Will be back soon ( I promise i wont b away for long:P) coz Ive been tagged yet again yesh u read it right Ive been tagged again so more of me soonnnnn..till then Happy reading n keep having fun....n all.......... :) :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's time to Dance n Enjoy again :D :D :D

October beckons yet again n it brings along with the ever glowing n full on rocking festive season...n may it be in Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai,Kolkata or any other place in India as the Puja time peeps in the threshold of each one's life it just fills each one of us with never ending happiness & wishes which waited long to be fulfiled are granted with blessings of the God... name it Dushera,Navratri,Durga Puja........all symbolise nothing but Happiness Unlimited n ofcourse non-stopping fun.....Kolkata n its people crave for these 4days of Pujas to come n whole scenario of the city just's like Ma Durga sparks in energy n all the pented up maddness comes alive...though I do not go on pandal hopping becoz of over crowded pandals still I would suggest if U come here in Pujas n hve a nose for geninuely taleneted Creative n artistic work u can surely go ahead & see the action for yourself in these Pandals..the idols, n whole Pandals just takes u by gaze....N for those who love to enjoy &'s just that their fun is doubled...not only artistically but even culturally the Navaratri enshrines each one individual tremendously....I always have had this wish to play Dandia some day & just hmmm ummmmm....enjoy.....well even though my Dandia wish remains a dream which I wish to turn to reality some day...this time Pujas have been quite eventfult ill date...from the first day itself happiness came to surround me from all corners...We friends decided to camp one day at one of our's residence & make the day full of happiness & with total non stop funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..n exactly that happened..even after coming back home the scenes were rewinding.....pranks we played on each other...dancin & jumping like 5yrs olds on the bed..pillow fighting..dancing away to glory paying no heed of what came n went...encircling oursleves...snatching...eating in tiits bits....wowwwwwww watte a day :) :) :) then second day I went out with one of my dear friend Anir who gifted me a portrait of girl in her convocation day n whole thing is beautifully framed..if I get a chance I would click the picture would show U guys...would thank ANir for making the day more than special :) :) and with days going on today its 20th..that means 3more days for my Delhi trip..much awaited and won't say much because Im so super excited that words would fall short :P....N guess what Iam toooooooooooo excited today....coz today being our Saraswati Puja(for the southies :P) Iam wearing a Saree yippie....oh how I wish I could click my pic :P [if my friends manage to click me I would definatly put it up here to show u guys :)]
Being from Delhi........[My birth place after all :D]..Dushera promises sheer fun n I still remember I used to run to the park near my house at Saket just hearing the crackers bursting n like small frighetened innocent kid would close my ears n wittness the fall of the
giant Ravan which would be burnt down.........still remember those days n one bigggggggg corner of my heart loves n will love Delhi forever :) :) :) :) :).......
N Iam quite sure that be it any part of the world............Pujas are the best everywhere n whereever u might go U will find the same amount of happiness n warmth n much more without asking :D and so herez wishing u all my friends....'A VERY VERY HAPPY PUJAS N DIWALI n an update from me post Pujas.......n the follow ons.......
Till then..............
Sawariya................Doli mein baithike...sitaraon se sajake..............Sawariya :D
Keep rocking........n keep smiling as alwysssssssss..........

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What's in a Name..there is...there is :)

Wel this is the third time in a row Ive been tagged n this time quite suprisingly by Sam.. Sam thanks to you buddy could accomplish the task of "Tag Hatrick"[ quite a name na..coined by Dams :)].

First n foremost lemme lay down the rules n regualtions of this particular Tag...

1. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

2. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.

3. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling the persons you hve tagged that they’re tagged.

Well I don't have a middle name so I guess I should go for my nickname which is "Mads" n find it really growing on me more the people call me Mads Iam I feel more comfortable n insist my friends call me Mads...

M - Maddness personified.... Yes you all read it right...Yours' truly is absolutely a totally out n out a Mad girl who loves doing crazy stuffs n really get on people' s nerves n too much perky at times.Maddness is in my every vein n gene :P.Now dunno u think Iam a case of that kinda mental imbalance MAD but as they say ur an totally Mad...freaked out crazy gal :P

A - Amicable.... I find myself friends with so many new faces in just few time...yeps itz a bit too creepy & dangerous at since I love interacting with people n can find company in mostly all kinds n like kinda people...Though initial frights n jitters r ofcourse at its place but once I start speaking to the person for quite some time I tend to knw about that person if Iam comfortable with him/her then if it clicks itz ... just :) :) :) :) :).For instance.. the Indya forum Iam so thankful to it for reasons the persons as I got as my friends are someone really special love u guys :) :) :) :) :) n yesh how could I forget Blogger thank god I did realise I cud write (meaningless n stupid though) n decided to go n Blog n lucky me got so many friends...luv u guys as well....[In each case Im nt naming anyone specifically n the hinted persons know they r there rite :) :) :) :) :)]

D - Dreams Unlimited....Hmmm...well Iam dreamer for sure...every single minute or moment I would be observed in thoughts..building up strange,sweet,not so sweet,careeristic,romantic, this dream that one n sooooo many dreams,:P & thinking how to achieve n strive for them. For I feel Iam too incomplete without Dreams not only does this hold valid in my case but I presume all have a dream to follow n to back them up...dunno u all agree....!!!!So go on Dreaming....its costs nothing..infact it can surely cost much when U tend to transform your dream into reality one day or someday :P.For me dreams just are the right emoticons to express my mood....oh boy I would go on this now only Ive started to dream about what comments Iam to get in this post friends Happy Dreaming...oops Reading...hehe!!!!!!!!

S - Soft..well.....u may think that Iam bragging too much about myself but I nothing less distinct in me was as Soft is :) :) :)...Though I can go on giving people,friends advises n show out how matured Iam but in actuality,Iam an very soft person at heart & just can'not' say 'No..'to anyone god knws why..yeah there are these times (majorily though :P) when I disagree to n do things quite which r nt required at the time (can be testified by the actions,tantrums I throw at home) but I can't see even a cockroach being killed :( it gives me those shakes n I start feeling sorry for it..n when I literally close my eyes.This explains prpbably why Iam being called as "The baby of my group" in my college :P.

This is it....totally out n out stupid post...but incase u find that I need to alter anything because I guess u al knw me better my friends ..would gladly change it..any kinda feedback is welcome.. :) :) :)

Hmmm now my turn to Tag so here goes...

For M - I would choose CM CHAP to do this...alright Mr M;~}

A - Since Akanksha has already done it...Abhishek would u...u have too no option :P

D - No as such I don't have anyone on my list with "D" but Vands can take it up
since I call her I guess Dams.. ????

S - This is is tuffie one but I would go for Mann (Sonu)..sweetie after your exam
U have somethng to do ;) .

So U al there enjoy readng n the tagged ones do read n do it as well... ;).

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Basics that have made me !!!

Well you all must be wondering from the header what this post is now..wel this is a tag which I thought to be really interestng n one of a different kind, so I wanted to take it up :P n Iam not tagging any one specifically those who wish to take it up go ahead n do it.So here it goes...

'A' - ACCEPT your life as it comes to U :).

'B' - BE as you are..don't get carried away.

'C' - CREATE whatever u think is best for others n yourself.

'D' - DECIDE wisely and make (take) right decisions in the right time.

'E' - EXPLORE the world around U to know yourself better.

'F' - FORGIVE coz nothing is more misberable than to be been not forgiven.

'G' - GROW and evovle each n every day.

'H' - HOPE for the best to come to U always :).

'I' - IGNORE bad omens/signs that obstruct success in your path of life.

'J' - JOURNEY makes me think of new adventures,experiences to look out for.

'K' - KNOW who is your friend n is your enemy.

'L' - LOVE someone who loves you for what you are & thinks u are his world.

'M'- MANAGE everything tactfully n skillfully.

'N' - NOTICE every little thing because in today's world of rush we hardly notice.

'O' - OPEN yourself to new ideas,opportunities n every positive vitalities & energy coming your way.

'P' - PLAY just n fair but dunno play politics it might just ruin U.

'Q' - QUESTIONS of every life is twisted itz on you to make their answers easy & in your favour.

'R' - RELAX to soothe your senses in regular intervals.

'S' - SHARE and care that is what helps you become a better individual.

'T' - TRY n just keep trying till you reach n succeed in attaining your goals.

'U' - USE resources meaningfully n for somethng fruitful & productive.

'V' - VALUE whatever U have got & think it to be a gift of God.

'W' - WORK out solutions for evry problem & also to maintain a good figure :P

'X' - XRAY never done...but something which is the only thing that shows U inside out :P

'Y' - YIELD something happy n blissful so that can make all happy.

'Z' - ZOOM more into the camera of life so that U can focus better on it n work on it wherever required.

So by now U al must have understood what the header means !!!!! So long my friends
Happy reading.........!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I reveal up once again...!!!

I seriously owe a big time apology from you guys to have kept you all waiting for such a long long time...Now this is a post due from since how long and the Procrastinater widin me alwyz is the reason for my delays...This Tag was to b exceuted long time before n this Tag acme up because of two reasons firstly,since CM Chap said whoever read his tag had to do it..n secondly Dams said people on her blogroll list should do it as well so u see I was caught up from both the sides...:P bt now get ready for the really honest n direct answers as they come up :P

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it?
Hmmm its not exactly a scar coz more of a bruise on my right knee whose bit of indication still remains only if itz carefully observed.It was way back when I was in Class X & while playing Badminton I slipped and fell down.
2. What does your phone look like?
Its just a year old Nokia '3120' bt already its in a relly bad shape :P.N it also has my Foxy woxy clinged on it..whenever I want it to be :)
3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Its just any other normal bedroom wall..Well,itz painted in my favourite candy pink then presently the wall i overlook has a calender on it which is almost hidden by rows of my immunerable bags n plastic bags...n bro's Cap also hangs down from one of the holders. The one on my right side just above the AC we have this Srinivasan Tirupathi bhagwan ji's photo & most importantedly one fan n two tubelights one at the front n one at my back :P.
4. What is your current desktop picture?

Take a look at my display picture here on my blog profile do u see it...itz the photo of my Angel...the baby of the film 'Heyy Babyy' aint she cute..I luv her :D.

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

Its individual's choice/preference. And after all each one deserves to be happy.:P So no issues for me.
6. What do you want more than anything right now?
Hmmm...runaway to a desolate island n away from the hard hitting,this everyday's din & bustle coz these days my irriatedness,frustrations are at its peek..pls dnt b scared.. aint occasional mood swings pretty normal :P.
7. What time were you born?

Well you see this Mad Mad Gal came into the world on the 26th day of the seventh month in the year 1986..get simple...26th July,1986!!! n the time was ummm hmmmm 9.11 AM n hw can U expct a baby to remember n say the time when it ws born :P
8. Are your parents still together?
Unfortunately no..coz I lost my mother in 1992.[I dunno want anyone of u to feel sorry or cry it happens yaar so chill :)]
9. Last person who made you cry?

Me against Myself....coz just cudnt hold back my tears the other day (this is 3 days back).
10. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
Im using Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Perfume n Impulse's Illusions from quite some time n have actually kinda grown fond of these two fragrances :)
11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?
Hair color black is the best bt if itz colored then just make sure it suits u otherwise I think but personally I dnt hve anyproblem with any color.Hmmm,brown & hazel or honey colored eyes have something to say more than words can coz ive seen it they say 'Behind Hazel eyes'.
12. What are you listening to?
Right now am listening to Jab koi baat bigad jaye muskil padh jaye from the film Jurm.I cant tell though why I love it but I absolutely love this song. :)top among my favs :D.
13. Do you get scared of the dark?
Not really but yes to that kinda dark its when suddenly the lights go off..load shedding occurs then only otherwise Im fine with it.
14. Do you like pain killers?
They are just as they say kuch paane kuch khona padta hai, so for getting rid off the pain itz better take those killers.Justified ????
15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
Yeah dunno know honestly..never done before u see :P
16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Presently nothing...coz Im nt feeling too good..n I even gobbled two Bourbons just while starting the blog :P.
17. Who was the last person you made mad?
I probably assume it to be Akki coz yesterday I got up late n messed evrythng n didnt reach metro station in time so eventually becoz of this drama Akki n yours truly :P missed half an hour of our first lecture.N Akki is a time-keeper so u see what must hve made her mad :P.
18. Is anyone in love with you?
Well the answer to this can b said as...Ya ya ive loads of people in luv with me like my family my frnds n so on....n secondly Its for u to know whether U love me or not... now i cnt read each one's mind n interpret their feelings for me na ..hehe :P.

Done do let me know how was it...n whoever wishes to take up this Tag may do the honors...m nt tagging anyone specifically.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Hap Happ Happiest Budday!!!!(Part-II)

Hello friends so I guess I again kept u guys herez the much much awaited Part-II of my most best 21st budday....i got held up as I had my practicals as well the blogger frnd again was not co-operating with me :P.Now without awaitng further ado lemme begin...
So now that my birthday finished with all happy n fun filled notes u all must be wondering is somethng else left..yeahhhhh definately therez, now how can a birthday b complete without a party...My budday party could nt b celebrated on 26th u all know why it was so..:p.So my actual Birthday party was when I actually the day when I gave my friends the budday treat.The rest of 26th as I told before was spent as i told u all checking mails..replying...acknowledgng each one,giving thanks to each one..phew watte stenous job :P.But nevertheless oh yesh in the evening I met Vands for some time was chatting with her missed on Kishie that made up the next day(thats 27th July) n rest days till the 3rd of August nothing big or eventful whatever happened on 3rd august(nearly the whole day).
Well 3rd August was the day which will be actually termed as my Birthday because of two reasons,first it being the day I actually celebrated my birthday n secondly I got whole lods of gifts as well here goes.......

Scene 1....Metro Station (was to meet Akki, n together we both had to reach the Food Court),mez having arrived a bit too early had purchased tickets n was waiting for her as she had already messaged me 'Mads buy the tickets na, im comin....lekinnnnn Im sorry couldnt wrap your gift..newyz cya in a bit.' I was like comeeeeeee fastttttt we r already running late n no problem about wrappin or non wrappin u come bas..'After 10mins Akki came rushing in & she produced a green packet in front of me which had huge stuffed Teddy in it wrapped in plastic.....n myyyy itsssssss shoooooooo shweet n I began saying Akkkkiiiii this is so expensive pagal..r u have gone nuts,haven't u,who told u to get me this.For saying this line I got a good thud on my head n added with it Akki said, Mads i guess we are gettin late..come..
Whole way till we reached the Treat Venue...Akki u r mad shudn't hve got such a thing..n all these words were going deaf ears..she was coolly pretended to be occupied with other things to read a magazine,appreciating the salwar i was wearing..n after the treat friends decided to go n look at the sale that was going in the nearby departmental shop..v al r sure clear mad freaks..hehe :P.and just before couple of minutes from leaving the shop Akki said me Mads sorry re couldn't get anything better n big than what Ive given u now..but the instance I saw this chubby lil Teddy, I remembered U so i got this..n before she could say further I crept up to her from behind(all this time she seeing the Tops on display n was in front of me) I hugged her and said I Luv U no matter what be n wil always be :D :D.n thank u for this.To reply to this,Akki just smiled back n it had said me all............currently Iam runnin out of words..I would move on to say nothing but this whole episode n having a friend like Akki makes me all the more smile n so proud of myself hehe.....:) :) :) :) :).........Thanks Akki for being so wonderful n way UR for me.....I want this from U now n forever n know so shall it be :).

Scene 2....TREAT TIME AT HALDIRAMS FOOD COURT........Three of us (Munish,Akki,n myself) had reached still 5 more were to come...anticapted wait n also we three already hungryyyyyy :P 10 mins went past..Surangana came in hurriedly...n apologising so as to blame the traffic jam which held her up :P.Then slowly Swati, Ishita & Sid also turned up n the one of my friends Aabir couldn't turn up as he had some problems.So now gifts were opened n what they revealed was Coffee mug from Surangana,Munish gave me a photo album,Ishita one big bar of Crackle n a Card n Swati gave a mini Teddy(again a Teddy) n all of u know what Akki gave me.....:p.Now started 'Maddy n uske paison pe attack'campaign n all wre saying Mads aaj bahut bhook lagi hai yaar..toh kya sab dish ka ek ek plate maangale..I said haan agar woh meri budjet mein aaya toh pakka se Ive no problems..N after all itz my 21st budday aur u pple shud enjoy...:P.Then finally the food was decided order was placed n we were waiting for the order to arrive..the Chinese had come early so the ones who had ordered Indian thali started to fight to share n literally we were :)) :)) n admist all laughs n giggles we managed to shared n finish the food quite decently :P n the same followed with the Indian as wel :P :P..Jokes were been cracked now n then n what not all silly things..Sid is the one whose always upto to these things.N then we chatted about results,got bit tensed then eventually by the end all were groaning with pain in stomach nt because v ate so much it was so much of laughter that we didnt realise how quickly 2 hours past by..Thanks guys u made my 21st budday a really special one...n more than my stomach my heart was filled :) :) :) :) :).

That was all what happened n how my 21st birthday became a special one n reallyyyy special...n rest of the time spent at the Departmental store just doing window shoppin & oh yessssssss how I forget Da[yes our very own Pratham :)] gave me yet another suprise he dedicated to me a special poem n yet again making me realise how much I mean to him (though I dunno need such proofs but still that makes u Da n not Pratham for me :D), the whole that day I was getting suprises after suprises n the pple who r included in it know very well how much I lubbbbbb u herez a big thank you n followed by bear hugssssss...
I indeed couldnt hve been this better if u al were not there..THANK U...LUV YA ALL :) :) :) :) :).

Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Hap Happ Happiest Budday!!!!(Part-I)

So this is a very veryyyyyyyy special post..which I would dedicate to few really really special people...those being "My sweet fellas at home"..."My Best friend Akki"..."My other college friends & last but not the least.."My sweet n special buddies The Unbreakables" (n I whole heartedly n with complete pleasure & love include "Mann "& my all other friends also).

My Birthday like u al know by now was on 26th July..quite late Im posting have some reasons for that..wel the first being I unfortunately had two major exams on the much eventful day...hw torturous it is to study on such a Happy day...:( newyz exams to khatam hogye n it went okay..minus that my Birthday n itz post celebrations went fabulously wonderful n some other small events summed up to make this budday all the more special..

So folks n the programme goes....

1.Well well..25th July (8.30 pm)well little time before my exams n 3.5hrs prior to me finally turning '21' ..n since exams were making me mad at the same time i was filled with thoughts..with what kinda gifts i would be getting,u would cll me first,etc etc...:P
As it was dinner time,[ and that day I didnt go online so couldnt possibly meet Dams n Kishie..n al the othrs..Kishie also had her exams :( ] Dad hadn't yet come from office so me n my Grandmom wondering what could hve happened to him??? suddenly the door bell rang n Dad came..he was some kinda gleam or something in his eyes I thought whatever then suddenly I remembered oh I had left my dinner which I had to finish fast to get back to My political science :( then it was probably 15mins Dad called me n said that U better take ur gift now tomorrow u'l rush to the exam hall..n wont find time..n I would naturally wud b snorin at 12 :P I exclaimed nooooooo dad pls pls kal hi dena..i can tke it tomorrow..pls..Then after half an hour Dad came to dinner table n sang Happy Birthday to you.happy birthday to youuuu n presented before me a small packet...I n granny were like :o :o...:o..:o then I washed my hands n dad is like see see it might something really small hope u like it...I said oh ho dad ofcoz na!! Then came into my room n as I unwrapped my tiny whiny gift i saw a case & opened with full :d...n what i saw was a shining gold ring with a small diamond embedded between it......ohhhhhhhh my god....I pinched myslf n I wnt n hugged dad...n showed it to Granny she said..haha i knew this was gonna happen..oh did my Bro know about it (might as well say first time without him - :(hez away in Beneras i miss u lodssssssss my sweethrt) n thxs guys.........Diamond wowww cudnt believe it stil can't......:o :o :o,Thxs fellas I luv u shoooo muchhhhh. :) :):) :):) :):) :) :) :)..........!!!!!!!!!!

2. The D-day for exams as well as cmon now u'l know My budday yaar :P 26th July (25th july..12.00am) calls n first came a message 10mins before n it was by Akki...:) :):) :)...then array of calls...each time I started a line to read my phone would go ring ring...obviously...:p.First was a coll frnd,followed by 'his' call,which was a small 2mins bt must say thxs n knw it na even if u cll for 2secs im like :) :)..:P next was Kishie's call which came first from our group(though Tash had messaged me in advnce)& as I was talkin to Kishie she mentioned..'Mads now u hurry up aur jitna jaldi ho sake check my blog..i was like U done something kya..she said U see n comment'... (ofcoz as i said u was in loss of words n thinking it b the obvious post :P) n rest v talked ki exms n al blah blah n general stuff, then one by one my coll frnds phoned..then soon after Dams also called up..asking about 'did Bonnie tell u about the blog?' I said yeah she did n no worries mez wil chck it ;)oh my then atlast Akki too called she was 'haan haan tu toh VIP hai isliye late phone kiya...newyz sweethrt Happy budday my Mady':):).Still some people whom I wished should hve called didnt I thought :( perhaps they will I the morning..excited n happy I went to check the blog...n was :) :):) :):) :):) :):) :):) :) with what I saw...mannnnnnnn u guys luv me sho much..the first thng after readin n commenting in d blog I phoned Akki n told her..aki if after u someone loves me more than neone else than it has to be the 'THESE PEOPLE my sweet gang' &yaar...seriosuly i owe thousand n more than too u all...n yesh u'l b gettin ur deserved treat n Im so excited to meet u alllllllllllll....n cant put in just one thxs or some words hw much I luv u........abstly can't imagine my life without u all :) :):) :):) :) n :D :D :D :D

3. Back to my exams ke liye studies :( :(..tension looming from all the corners.after taking up all the calls n managed to study a bit for 2 hrs..i went to sleep at 3.30,must admit couldnt sleep bt somehow I setup my alarm for 5.30 so that could do some last moment revision atleast :P (I alwyz do this last moment thngie ;)).Time eroded so swiftly that i didnt realise when it was 5.25..i was like ohhh 5mins more mez being lazy to get up..n then exactly at 5.30 instead of my alarm ringing I hear my phone vibarting....with sleepy eyes n real tension within me I took up the phone n saw "Da" callinggggg...yes it was Da I instantly sprang up & I picked up the phone...n what followed was first a special budday wish & quite a sleepy motivational n special convo...:D :D..Da u hve alwyz being one of my strong reasons which has helped me to nt the best atleast bt atleast allows myself to prove my worth...thxs & cudnt hve done without it..:D :D :D :D pls pls u ve to be der alwyz..n newyz mez not leavin am not :P..luv ya Da immensly :) :) :) :) :) :)....

4. Time quickly gone past its about 9.45 in the mornin & a tensed atmosphere at the exam hall n as I enter it...Al my coll frnds wish me...I say to them haan njoy my budday with me..coz as I get the budday gift u'l get the return gift :P ohhhhhh before i fugget...around 8ish Mann had called me...n sweetie lemme tell u within such a small span of 2 1/2 months I know so wel n hve this undetachable bond with seems like v hve been friends like from how long....n I really luv u lodsssssss....n u r indeed quite n Gal u'l b alwyz a special part of my life...:) :) :) :).So now back to exam hall...its about 3.45pm n the second half of my exams going on..n i happen to notice dark clouds hovering was windy since morning but had no clue what would shape u can never never predict Kolkata dearie's weather :p it rains with sun..its abstly dead hot..humid. N by the time v al finished our exams it started to pour...........literally it was itz nt gonna stop today....Wow wht a gift nature had given me...for all know by now how much I luv rains...n i got full chance to get drenched n it was like manged to spoil my new clothes as well :p bt thats fine...I was fully wet n my phone gave way out too :p on my way back one of friends called me he stood near my house n his gift was so sweet..he said Maddy i couldnt get anythng in this rain so this..n it was a rose...I hve never got a rose i was like thxs a lot Anir....its more than nethng...n then dropped Akki Ishita back home n insisted Anir to go wid me he said no he would manage n stil it was raining heavy..n just few minutes after that again my phone rang bt since my phone got wet cudnt hear...but whn I saw the number flash,I saw it was a Delhi one..since Dams had already wished me n Tash ki number was saved I thought it might be Garu, might say I cudnt hear a word n poor Garu was tryin her best to convey her Bday wishes to me..poor baby..i somehow conveyed to her that I would her back when I get home...I was totally drenched head to toe..n nt even my clothes were spared...I was loving it :D :D....
N as soon as I got back I called Garu..n it was after so long we actually caught up..the other day (on her budday just a few days back) cudnt talk much...but this time it was all pented up for it too...babes dunno you think v shud talk up more often:P, n surely 9thAugust is so close to my heart..n Garu u knw it al;).Luv ya babes..:) :)

Rest of the day was spent checking mails,ecards,scraps...there were more than 75scraps
which came floodin in...n replying to them,some more calls of my relatives from all over:P & the rest of day glided by soon after..couldn't go out for dinner coz it ws raining..i was entirely in the verandah till the rain didnt stop enjoyin it,dancing to itz chitter chatter:D..ahaha what a Birthday:d

I would once again thank u'l for givin me so much of luv n all the that I keep gettin from u now n alwyz......I can't say/express in just writing down,how much it means...luv u al so much >:D<...:-*

This was Part-1 of my budday..which was all about that happened between n after 25th night n till end of 26th...Part -2 will come up soon...n im nt going to tel whtz it about...n those of u know it ;) pls co-operate with me in keeping my secret:p n rest of u al I promise i wont make u wait long..wil soon post the part-2 ...N sorry for smiling all throughout the post,but can't help it...the whole day n every part of it just makes me smile n smile..even more :) :) :) :) :)

So Happy reading n im sure by the end of it u wil hve one too i mean a broad smile won't u..;)...... :D :D n :) :)

Friday, August 3, 2007


This post was supposed to be published much much earlier but god knows what went wrong wid my damned Blogger...:X I was able to coment on other blogs but each time it came to
publish my post my PC would dislpay error in page n even after refreshing it for like 100 use...finally I guess it has become more compatible right now..n seems okay..:P

Back to the post,First n foremost this post is nothing but total out n out Random post itz just I wanted share something which is from non angel standard a hard hitting post or such a one that conveys some intellectual thingie.. but a light n fun based one..

Time rewinds back to the 15th of u'l know my Part II exams were goin on & each day is a torture studyin for them n spending sleepless nites n added for spice,mez was not keeping that well(was down wid viral infection).Well it(15th) was a normal day which started off as usual quite late n the whole day was spent me lazing around the house like one crazy prankster n making the world of grandma goin round n totally mad since whenever I get unwell..I real lose it.....Mez one totally mad potboiler, a baby who needs constant attention & if i don't get that u r in danger my friend :D n needless to say i got an full proof reason(my fever) not to touch my books...i was loving this & was only sleepin n eatin watte a life...:P.But at night I don't know what struck I got in the mood to study i myself wonder but good hai....:) n with all books of Political science n English neatly spread in front of me & me was playing choose from the books...:p couldnt make up watte study all were looking the same.....indeed they were...there was to choose from Shakespearian drama,Dicken's OLiver Twist,Indian Government & Politics,The Bengal Chief Minister,Julius Ceasar n what not.......n just about I was looking at my cell n remarked Oh Bhaggu itz only 11.00 n Iam not sleepy at all no other option Ive to study..& then seconds later as a Saviour :p (for the time being) Tanu (now shez of my really close friend more like a younger sister) calls up n next half hour what happened was probably one of the best Timepass ive had in ages to come....n next few minutes even u would know what it ws like...
T : Helloooooooo Mads.....(in a vry hushed up voice,al i could hear were her whispers n hushings)
Me: Tannnnnn i can't hear a word can u a bit loud plsss...(I thought some of her pranks now for all who dont know Tanu shez one big prankster)

T: Shheshhhhhhhhhh tell me a storyyyyyyyy...(i cud hardly make out the syllabes n words she was utterin)
Me:Tanu I cant hear a thing tell u what...........

T: U okay na...???
Me: Tan bache nt so good...was down with viral..but okay now..
T: Good u temme a ........storyyyyyyyyyyyyy(i couldnt get it at al :P i was hearin snory snory :P)
Me:(now thinking it to be a plan or something I started to whisper as wel..:D

& what did u say'story'..????now..& I can't hear u babes also..
T: I can na....u better start a story....U r tellin okay...(in such a low hushed voice tht 2 :P)
Me:HUH! what at the middle of the night at 11.30pm u want to hear a story r u my kid that ive to tell u a story...
T: oh ho Mads........(i cudnt ustnd aage a word) wait im messagin u ..okay......
Tan hungup n mez was stil wonderin & was t
otally blank not knowin what she said!!clueless ..HUH A STORY ..did I hear properly or were my ears ringing...n y d hell was she talkin like that??Then suddenly 5mins I got a msg frm Tan saying Im tellin u to temme a story dodo...n since evryone is sleepin can't callin u back u tell me a story..
n minutes later phone rings again...
T: Go on waiting for the story
Me:Oye u go to some other room or to the loo n talk i cant hear u gal..
T: Itz too dark everywhere & Im scared...
Me..U n scared neways how Im supposed to tell u a story n what story in the middle of nite can I tell U?
T: Just anything..anything..
Me:It will be crappy n instantly ???:O should I tel why wasnt I online for few days
T: I like crappy thngs..cmon shoot mads...
Me: I said something that since I was nt wel..bhai gone to hostel(something myslf dnt remember):P
T: U tell me about Cinderalla..okay...
Me: Huh...!!Cinderalla...okay i started it..there was this poor gal called Cinderalla who lived in a hou......
T: No no mads..your Cinderalla..
Me: U mean my version..Whn did I write one...n I dont know whtz this Tan..
T: Mads...bol na pls.....
Now comes the real fun part god knows what i made...I became total kid....:p tellin all stupid n nonsensical...Cinderalla would hve killed me if she would play my version of Cinderalla:P
I imagined myself to be Cinderalla,studying in college & during the prom nite the most popular dude of the college happens to be My Prince.... :O.:O,I meet him..Love blossoms :Pn no complications of family or anythng but..but....the only condition of winning my hand wud b The prince should allow me pursue my career first& let me do a job after marriage, n earn my own money..should not interfere in my personal which he making my career I forget him..but after 4 years he comes back & thn Happy ending... :P
Le hogya story.....n im cutting short other few small convos which followed..which was just
about her College admission..n 16th (the next day) being her first day me advising her to go to sleep early,she insisiting me to sing..then she finally did hang up..

Lolol how did U find my short version of dunno come over n kill me..
n Tan must have gone crazy even much as shez..:P, al through the tellin of the story I myself couldnt stop laughing....n stil while writing the post pictures of this fresh n flash....:))..:)) n I was literally wondering & thinkin after putting down the phone...was this me..ya ya now after all im a self proclaimed Supreme Dodo abstly crazyyyyyy... God....:d

Happy reading....hope to present u more comic posts later....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

M running high with...........EXAM FEVER!!!!

Phew.......back after nearlyyyyyyy one sincere apologies for not turning up.Well many a reasons & unavoidable circumstances gripped with unexpected events which held me up.Guess now Iam back..basically I really don't know what do I write about or blog about but the writer (:P) within me refused to sit idle n I thought to write about Examinations.As Im myself giving exams of my college 2nd yr..tht would b Part II exams of Calcutta University the much awaited n the most mosttttttttt....:P
As a kid itself,I have always been a gal having Exam Phobia..the night before the D-Day no sleep,butterflies twitterin here n there in the stomach,feeling the tension,anticpatin what would come in big ol question paper & what not!!!!!!!!!but exams better known to be as

'The Test of Our Acquired Knowledge' - is that true or really logical.Some times itz a burden sometimes a proof to show off ur ability, a chance u take to prove urself more capable than the rest but if we proceed more indepth into it,The arena of competition (not necessarily unhealthy always) it creates,the confidence level it creates,or is it the other way around..I just fail to understand why were these created.Ive come across many of my close friends,members of my family loving Exams..they say itz one big barrier which once u cross relieves u of certain I feel each time u have given ur exam a new tension mounts up regardin itz results.But seen in a more broader n matured way, I feel one big hurdle crossed n when I get results of this Im one more step closer to fulfillment of many most woven & desired dreams..But the confusion drives me nuts.....sometimes I find myself enthusiastic n excited about a paper same time the fear coops in......Why does this happen.
Preparing for an exam is categorised into various is the mugged up learning & performin expectionally well,one is- reading the portion as a story & still manage to get high marks,types may be so many classified & put up here & there.....hey by al means where Iam heading with this post....:O.......:O ........:O myself at such an end which never seems to end...HELP ME.............n also the others who r or are due to suffer this neverendin journey..
I dunno know what ive head is all blocked all is I can see I see myslf as a total mad.........freak who wants to break free from the EXAMINATIONS......M sure im gonna get company so most welcome............:D