Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Basics that have made me !!!

Well you all must be wondering from the header what this post is now..wel this is a tag which I thought to be really interestng n one of a different kind, so I wanted to take it up :P n Iam not tagging any one specifically those who wish to take it up go ahead n do it.So here it goes...

'A' - ACCEPT your life as it comes to U :).

'B' - BE as you are..don't get carried away.

'C' - CREATE whatever u think is best for others n yourself.

'D' - DECIDE wisely and make (take) right decisions in the right time.

'E' - EXPLORE the world around U to know yourself better.

'F' - FORGIVE coz nothing is more misberable than to be been not forgiven.

'G' - GROW and evovle each n every day.

'H' - HOPE for the best to come to U always :).

'I' - IGNORE bad omens/signs that obstruct success in your path of life.

'J' - JOURNEY makes me think of new adventures,experiences to look out for.

'K' - KNOW who is your friend n is your enemy.

'L' - LOVE someone who loves you for what you are & thinks u are his world.

'M'- MANAGE everything tactfully n skillfully.

'N' - NOTICE every little thing because in today's world of rush we hardly notice.

'O' - OPEN yourself to new ideas,opportunities n every positive vitalities & energy coming your way.

'P' - PLAY just n fair but dunno play politics it might just ruin U.

'Q' - QUESTIONS of every life is twisted itz on you to make their answers easy & in your favour.

'R' - RELAX to soothe your senses in regular intervals.

'S' - SHARE and care that is what helps you become a better individual.

'T' - TRY n just keep trying till you reach n succeed in attaining your goals.

'U' - USE resources meaningfully n for somethng fruitful & productive.

'V' - VALUE whatever U have got & think it to be a gift of God.

'W' - WORK out solutions for evry problem & also to maintain a good figure :P

'X' - XRAY never done...but something which is the only thing that shows U inside out :P

'Y' - YIELD something happy n blissful so that can make all happy.

'Z' - ZOOM more into the camera of life so that U can focus better on it n work on it wherever required.

So by now U al must have understood what the header means !!!!! So long my friends
Happy reading.........!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I reveal up once again...!!!

I seriously owe a big time apology from you guys to have kept you all waiting for such a long long time...Now this is a post due from since how long and the Procrastinater widin me alwyz is the reason for my delays...This Tag was to b exceuted long time before n this Tag acme up because of two reasons firstly,since CM Chap said whoever read his tag had to do it..n secondly Dams said people on her blogroll list should do it as well so u see I was caught up from both the sides...:P bt now get ready for the really honest n direct answers as they come up :P

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it?
Hmmm its not exactly a scar coz more of a bruise on my right knee whose bit of indication still remains only if itz carefully observed.It was way back when I was in Class X & while playing Badminton I slipped and fell down.
2. What does your phone look like?
Its just a year old Nokia '3120' bt already its in a relly bad shape :P.N it also has my Foxy woxy clinged on it..whenever I want it to be :)
3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Its just any other normal bedroom wall..Well,itz painted in my favourite candy pink then presently the wall i overlook has a calender on it which is almost hidden by rows of my immunerable bags n plastic bags...n bro's Cap also hangs down from one of the holders. The one on my right side just above the AC we have this Srinivasan Tirupathi bhagwan ji's photo & most importantedly one fan n two tubelights one at the front n one at my back :P.
4. What is your current desktop picture?

Take a look at my display picture here on my blog profile do u see it...itz the photo of my Angel...the baby of the film 'Heyy Babyy' aint she cute..I luv her :D.

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

Its individual's choice/preference. And after all each one deserves to be happy.:P So no issues for me.
6. What do you want more than anything right now?
Hmmm...runaway to a desolate island n away from the hard hitting,this everyday's din & bustle coz these days my irriatedness,frustrations are at its peek..pls dnt b scared.. aint occasional mood swings pretty normal :P.
7. What time were you born?

Well you see this Mad Mad Gal came into the world on the 26th day of the seventh month in the year 1986..get simple...26th July,1986!!! n the time was ummm hmmmm 9.11 AM n hw can U expct a baby to remember n say the time when it ws born :P
8. Are your parents still together?
Unfortunately no..coz I lost my mother in 1992.[I dunno want anyone of u to feel sorry or cry it happens yaar so chill :)]
9. Last person who made you cry?

Me against Myself....coz just cudnt hold back my tears the other day (this is 3 days back).
10. What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
Im using Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Perfume n Impulse's Illusions from quite some time n have actually kinda grown fond of these two fragrances :)
11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?
Hair color black is the best bt if itz colored then just make sure it suits u otherwise I think but personally I dnt hve anyproblem with any color.Hmmm,brown & hazel or honey colored eyes have something to say more than words can coz ive seen it they say 'Behind Hazel eyes'.
12. What are you listening to?
Right now am listening to Jab koi baat bigad jaye muskil padh jaye from the film Jurm.I cant tell though why I love it but I absolutely love this song. :)top among my favs :D.
13. Do you get scared of the dark?
Not really but yes to that kinda dark its when suddenly the lights go off..load shedding occurs then only otherwise Im fine with it.
14. Do you like pain killers?
They are just as they say kuch paane kuch khona padta hai, so for getting rid off the pain itz better take those killers.Justified ????
15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
Yeah dunno know honestly..never done before u see :P
16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Presently nothing...coz Im nt feeling too good..n I even gobbled two Bourbons just while starting the blog :P.
17. Who was the last person you made mad?
I probably assume it to be Akki coz yesterday I got up late n messed evrythng n didnt reach metro station in time so eventually becoz of this drama Akki n yours truly :P missed half an hour of our first lecture.N Akki is a time-keeper so u see what must hve made her mad :P.
18. Is anyone in love with you?
Well the answer to this can b said as...Ya ya ive loads of people in luv with me like my family my frnds n so on....n secondly Its for u to know whether U love me or not... now i cnt read each one's mind n interpret their feelings for me na ..hehe :P.

Done do let me know how was it...n whoever wishes to take up this Tag may do the honors...m nt tagging anyone specifically.