Wednesday, July 18, 2007

M running high with...........EXAM FEVER!!!!

Phew.......back after nearlyyyyyyy one sincere apologies for not turning up.Well many a reasons & unavoidable circumstances gripped with unexpected events which held me up.Guess now Iam back..basically I really don't know what do I write about or blog about but the writer (:P) within me refused to sit idle n I thought to write about Examinations.As Im myself giving exams of my college 2nd yr..tht would b Part II exams of Calcutta University the much awaited n the most mosttttttttt....:P
As a kid itself,I have always been a gal having Exam Phobia..the night before the D-Day no sleep,butterflies twitterin here n there in the stomach,feeling the tension,anticpatin what would come in big ol question paper & what not!!!!!!!!!but exams better known to be as

'The Test of Our Acquired Knowledge' - is that true or really logical.Some times itz a burden sometimes a proof to show off ur ability, a chance u take to prove urself more capable than the rest but if we proceed more indepth into it,The arena of competition (not necessarily unhealthy always) it creates,the confidence level it creates,or is it the other way around..I just fail to understand why were these created.Ive come across many of my close friends,members of my family loving Exams..they say itz one big barrier which once u cross relieves u of certain I feel each time u have given ur exam a new tension mounts up regardin itz results.But seen in a more broader n matured way, I feel one big hurdle crossed n when I get results of this Im one more step closer to fulfillment of many most woven & desired dreams..But the confusion drives me nuts.....sometimes I find myself enthusiastic n excited about a paper same time the fear coops in......Why does this happen.
Preparing for an exam is categorised into various is the mugged up learning & performin expectionally well,one is- reading the portion as a story & still manage to get high marks,types may be so many classified & put up here & there.....hey by al means where Iam heading with this post....:O.......:O ........:O myself at such an end which never seems to end...HELP ME.............n also the others who r or are due to suffer this neverendin journey..
I dunno know what ive head is all blocked all is I can see I see myslf as a total mad.........freak who wants to break free from the EXAMINATIONS......M sure im gonna get company so most welcome............:D