Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Inspired by my friends... Dams,Kishie n now that Mann has officially "TAGGED" me I guess
the bug of Tagavaties did sting me 2..:P.. So without wastng much time..here I go...
1...2...3..Happy discoverin me my frnds ...:P

1.Iam a gal who is reallyyyyyy adamant I luv rather prefer living my Life in my way..no
matter wat I want i want ,quite true in most cases [:P].

2. I love it when someone (espcially my frnds & most importantly my Dad & Grans) pamper
me 2 infinity..i wish this could go on!!![:D]

3. I 'hate to share' when it comes to big blocks of Chocolate icecreams or juzz chocolates..
JUST NETHNG & EVERYTHING IN CHOCOLATES.N u can invite for a coffee or bit of chinese netym m there...

4. When am in my worst mood, I become like a violent volcano..active for sometime bt cools
in few minutes provided i blurt out my frustation (poor my lil Akki is a;wyz the traget:P) bt I cnt think of just anyone else than her in such situation...:P

5. Am abstly diehard fan of Lays... da Chips munching al d way i luv Chira & aloo bhujia
and can literally go on munchng them anytime of day or night for now n forever!!& also Pizzasssss ummmm,n ofcoz chinese!

6.I had been victimised as an April Fool target that makes me a poor baby (read as poor fool)
n my friends even managed to rope in our Grammar maam to play this prank on me..quite
a big one wil explain later if given a chance [:P]

7. Iam really a proud lazybone...who juzz loves sleepng n juz cant get up early in d morng&in
midst of my sleep if neone wakes me unki khair nahi!!!This being my typical 'Leo' nature....

8. I have a bigtime fetish for anklets,payals & bangles (especially glass ones& oxidised ones) I juz luv them..anywhere juz d perfect accessories 4 me...'d chan chan' alwyz has to follow me...2 b honest & strangely also for the no. 26...dunno use it tho bt duno know myself why???:P

9. I cant stand Backstabbers..backbitng n i just hate Politics....thats d main reason probably i dnt spend time with newspapers or news channels....:P bt one can catch me readng the movies & entertainmnt section of d newspaper for sure :D

10.I alwyz had this hidden or as people say..A SECRET DESIRE to try out bungee jumping or definately Trekkng one day or other..dtz d reason I prefer mountains to seas...(i hope Dams u got ur answer :P)

11. I just dunno understand d concepts of these 'K'EKTA's serials...how can people actually waste their time in these crap dramas!!..bt Ive 2 admit i watch KUMKUM..bcoz i hve huge time crush on d telly hero,HUSSIAN...so nethin that has Hussain in it b it some EKTA saas bahu drama or neother show...tops my programme list ..:)

12. When Iam not listenin to music (which is very rare) I hve a habit to play d snake game on my phone...actually it would b more apt if i say Ive gt into this new habit when Im just into the mood to study u'l find me playng wid SNAKE dearie...:P

13. Im dead allergic to smoke,dust & (sorry frnds) non veg food....then cnt stand flourscnt colors...(therez a lot added to this ..Hai na Mann:P),Ambi pure scents in cars , strong smellng scents basically..n here sum guys put sho much of deo & colgone omg..cnt stand ...& the sweet yogurt....aargh cnt even think 2 eat it...

14. Waise Im a big foodie u al must hve guessed by now...cnt live widout FOOD..n i fast til 6 in d evening on evry Tuesday..I hve to fanthom (read as i hate to) bt guess my aim to diet becomes successful to some extent bt it aint helping either :P

15. There has not a single day till today when Akki has not scolded me ( as in used the words like - "Mads tu kabhie sudheregi nahi na" ... "Madddyyyyyy...pagal aisa koi krta thodi hai.."...& my al time favourite being Mads tu na kitna natak krti hai baapre...Thx god m jheloing u..warna...& Akki i really luv u 4 al these....widout ur daants my days are sho incomplete!

16. If given a chance to go someplace i would go & climb up at the highest spot on the Eifel Tower & scream out aloud I LOVE MYSELF................

17. I luv cooking...tho rarely i enter the kitchen..coz once I enter & after I finish itz no longer a kitchen...looks like a big comfounded mess.....:P,then follows an irritatng cleanup session n 1000 lectures by my ol shweet Grans...

18. I have this habit of being plugged on to either my discman or walkman while working whether b it some cleaning spree or cooking or anything. Even at times when the TV is on ive my music rite there on....n most of al..I sleep with it on..doesn't this show Music music...is my Life!!!!!!!!

19. People a warning am a big bigggg chatterbox can actually go on n on...& eat ur head out, bt when it comes to formal speeches or at my speaking classes I like lose my confidence n fumble...bt can actually manage...:p & btw mez luv dancing more to singing (coz sum pple think i luv 2 sing dtz there but more of dance.bt not in front of al..i hate that bas apne room me mast hoke..:P

20. I have still not thrown out or torn all the cards till date i hve got & also the friendship bands Ive received uptil now...Ive a bag which has these two & reads...My Cherished & Fav Cards ..n friendship bands ek pyara sa bandhan..lolol..:P.

21. I love buying n collecting diaries...nt those official & corporate look ones..bt those which have colored pages n have cute pictures on it..or any painting on it.My dad gave me super shweet diary on my 18th bday..It has a pink cover n inside the pages hve pics of tiny & cute animals...n each month having differnt animal with different moods for each day.:) & this is certainly one of the bestgifts i got til day..thxs dad!!

22. Hmmmm being 21 yrs (wil be officially after 2 months) doesnt mean u cannot play with teddies n al..wrong u can :p bcoz I do n wil alwyz..Ive a strong liking rather I luv cutie stuffs...teddies ..dolls...anything cute has to be mine :P so u al of u thinkng wat 2 gift me gues have figured it now :p.& above al i simply LOVE KIDS & BABIES..wont say further..thy r the best gift evr on by GOD...dont u guys agree!!

23. Aha........I just loveeeeeeeeeee shoppin (I know Dams & Mann gona kill me for this) but can't help gals..not dat "shop till u drop" but if ur finding accompanship or want me to choose or buy anything u know whom to call....Main hoon na..:P.My Grans says im d worst gal & wont tke me out anywhere always demanding this that..& said she has full sympathies wid my future husband(when he comes :P) & also quite an choosy one..nt easy to satisfy me :P

24. Though Iam quite afraid if darkness....bt widin Im a bit too high on romantism...so would luv 2 dark the room & lit up with small candles n diyas at corners..woawww...:)

25. Im really terrified of lizards & spiders & snakes too....eewwww cnt juz tolerate them,&my house has these big lizards poping up from no where...aarghhhh

26. The silliest thing I ever did can be recalled to that day way back when mez was in class 5 & had lost my handkerchief & believe it or not I cried uncontralblly the whole day & refused to eat even a single morsel of food..:P

27. I quite find myself in Love & in full connection with The Nature....whether b it rains,or breeze,or the waterfall & most importantly I luv "THE RAINBOW" .......dancing joyfully carefree in the Rains...:)& also luv various forms of art..tho myself cant really draw but luv to see them.

28. I just luv the color PINK...in my wardrobe there about 10 -12 apparels in PINK & my every second color must be & has to be ....."PINK".....

29. I luv to mimic my friends & especially I imitate Him..shhh he does nt knw about it also :p

30. Then I luv pouting about with the gums & do a much of style by blowing it up & i juz luv the way taporis talk...hmmm...ALEKH OF LRL ..kya mast hai bidu..he actly sho cute..& yeps i do feels tickles...so pls an request dunno tickle me...

31. Just hve to add about my newly discovered talent I hve the ability to mke pple laugh n as said by someone who actly made me aware of this talent : Im A 'phunny garl ' ...so dt sumone is Kishie (Neeru) thxs baby widout ive wudnt hve gotten 2 know this :P

32. One more important thing..I juz can't get out of my house without applying Kohl or kajal.....i juz love it on my eyes :) makes me look much beautiful (someone told me :D) & my false nose pin.I wish i cud do it permanently bt thxs to my Good ol granny can't she says after my marriage..bt mez happy in false one too :D

Phew,baby lose my breath OMG this Taggy waggy business is sho stenuous...gawddd n is there anything I left out...mebbe dont knw...if at al i Remember further quirks of mine shall post it in my next edition of the "TAGGED POST" .....

Until then lemme know ...How I Fared!!!:P!!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Hey guys!! before readng d blogs puhleez pray I get sm1 2 whum i cn dedicte this particular post :P.......now with the post..:D
Well U al must hve guessed that this post is on Mp3 player nah nah itz not that...Itz al about MP3 that is "MERA PEHLA PEHLA PYAAR".....a beautiful thing to happen...imbibed with countless emotions...feelings n what not!!!!!!!! Not necessarily to be categorised as Luv btwn 2 pple - a relation, bt Luv wid evry thng u interact be it Nature..books...clothes...music..ur work...wel for me therez Luv in evrything...Bt now I dont knw why out of no reason at al I juzz wanted to pen down n blog about d fact that unknowingly mysef I hve let sumone become soooooo important for me & that I go into a new world when thoughts of his creep into my soul n mind..oh god itzzzz so beautiful & God has created us 2 luv & to spread love....al over ..to,give all those who expect frm u unconditionally. To give selfishly not to expect returns but just give & u'l see wat u'l get in return is double times more beautiful & the best than the rest...Today I say yes Iam in Luv, the first thing that strikes others is wow dis gal has found someone in her life to luv her care 4 her give her what she wants...This proves how much pple try 2 make u happy in al d sense...Ive frnds who wil do anythng 2 make me happy..bt d feeling of spendng your life with that sumone...I cnt juzz get words 2 describe how it feels...Mebbe im soundng tooooo crazy n insane bt god knows what is happening..evrything now has started to look soooooobeautiful around me,a new world full of happiness,thoughts ever driftin to his direction,wntng to spread happiness al over, a luv tune lingering in ur lips 4 now n alwyz, as rains pour down feel like catchng everyyyyy single drop of it & dancing to itz tunes( I juz luv rains :P),in d moonlit nite to hold his hand n thinkng that the nite would never end...The perfect song which Im singng away...

'Every night in my Dreams I see u..I hold u..that is how I go on'

Now u see Im so much surounded by Love....n one more song would be............

'In Dino dil mera mujhse hai keh raha......tu jee le jara tuuu

Khawab saza hai tujhe b yeh izzajat kar le tu bhi mohabbat.'

Wow Im really in luv with this song moreover with itz lyrics..:p a fab song which speaks out my mind totally...guess I put a stop to my die hard romantism now...but more coming on for sure & needless to say this post is dedicated to ......now let that b a blank :p n for al those who know it better keep mum & just widout wastng a tym further ado...join me in my crazy happiness.............Im sure ul ..won't u :p