Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's time to Dance n Enjoy again :D :D :D

October beckons yet again n it brings along with the ever glowing n full on rocking festive season...n may it be in Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai,Kolkata or any other place in India as the Puja time peeps in the threshold of each one's life it just fills each one of us with never ending happiness & wishes which waited long to be fulfiled are granted with blessings of the God... name it Dushera,Navratri,Durga Puja........all symbolise nothing but Happiness Unlimited n ofcourse non-stopping fun.....Kolkata n its people crave for these 4days of Pujas to come n whole scenario of the city just's like Ma Durga sparks in energy n all the pented up maddness comes alive...though I do not go on pandal hopping becoz of over crowded pandals still I would suggest if U come here in Pujas n hve a nose for geninuely taleneted Creative n artistic work u can surely go ahead & see the action for yourself in these Pandals..the idols, n whole Pandals just takes u by gaze....N for those who love to enjoy &'s just that their fun is doubled...not only artistically but even culturally the Navaratri enshrines each one individual tremendously....I always have had this wish to play Dandia some day & just hmmm ummmmm....enjoy.....well even though my Dandia wish remains a dream which I wish to turn to reality some day...this time Pujas have been quite eventfult ill date...from the first day itself happiness came to surround me from all corners...We friends decided to camp one day at one of our's residence & make the day full of happiness & with total non stop funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..n exactly that happened..even after coming back home the scenes were rewinding.....pranks we played on each other...dancin & jumping like 5yrs olds on the bed..pillow fighting..dancing away to glory paying no heed of what came n went...encircling oursleves...snatching...eating in tiits bits....wowwwwwww watte a day :) :) :) then second day I went out with one of my dear friend Anir who gifted me a portrait of girl in her convocation day n whole thing is beautifully framed..if I get a chance I would click the picture would show U guys...would thank ANir for making the day more than special :) :) and with days going on today its 20th..that means 3more days for my Delhi trip..much awaited and won't say much because Im so super excited that words would fall short :P....N guess what Iam toooooooooooo excited today....coz today being our Saraswati Puja(for the southies :P) Iam wearing a Saree yippie....oh how I wish I could click my pic :P [if my friends manage to click me I would definatly put it up here to show u guys :)]
Being from Delhi........[My birth place after all :D]..Dushera promises sheer fun n I still remember I used to run to the park near my house at Saket just hearing the crackers bursting n like small frighetened innocent kid would close my ears n wittness the fall of the
giant Ravan which would be burnt down.........still remember those days n one bigggggggg corner of my heart loves n will love Delhi forever :) :) :) :) :).......
N Iam quite sure that be it any part of the world............Pujas are the best everywhere n whereever u might go U will find the same amount of happiness n warmth n much more without asking :D and so herez wishing u all my friends....'A VERY VERY HAPPY PUJAS N DIWALI n an update from me post Pujas.......n the follow ons.......
Till then..............
Sawariya................Doli mein baithike...sitaraon se sajake..............Sawariya :D
Keep rocking........n keep smiling as alwysssssssss..........

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What's in a Name..there is...there is :)

Wel this is the third time in a row Ive been tagged n this time quite suprisingly by Sam.. Sam thanks to you buddy could accomplish the task of "Tag Hatrick"[ quite a name na..coined by Dams :)].

First n foremost lemme lay down the rules n regualtions of this particular Tag...

1. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

2. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.

3. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling the persons you hve tagged that they’re tagged.

Well I don't have a middle name so I guess I should go for my nickname which is "Mads" n find it really growing on me more the people call me Mads Iam I feel more comfortable n insist my friends call me Mads...

M - Maddness personified.... Yes you all read it right...Yours' truly is absolutely a totally out n out a Mad girl who loves doing crazy stuffs n really get on people' s nerves n too much perky at times.Maddness is in my every vein n gene :P.Now dunno u think Iam a case of that kinda mental imbalance MAD but as they say ur an totally Mad...freaked out crazy gal :P

A - Amicable.... I find myself friends with so many new faces in just few time...yeps itz a bit too creepy & dangerous at since I love interacting with people n can find company in mostly all kinds n like kinda people...Though initial frights n jitters r ofcourse at its place but once I start speaking to the person for quite some time I tend to knw about that person if Iam comfortable with him/her then if it clicks itz ... just :) :) :) :) :).For instance.. the Indya forum Iam so thankful to it for reasons the persons as I got as my friends are someone really special love u guys :) :) :) :) :) n yesh how could I forget Blogger thank god I did realise I cud write (meaningless n stupid though) n decided to go n Blog n lucky me got so many friends...luv u guys as well....[In each case Im nt naming anyone specifically n the hinted persons know they r there rite :) :) :) :) :)]

D - Dreams Unlimited....Hmmm...well Iam dreamer for sure...every single minute or moment I would be observed in thoughts..building up strange,sweet,not so sweet,careeristic,romantic, this dream that one n sooooo many dreams,:P & thinking how to achieve n strive for them. For I feel Iam too incomplete without Dreams not only does this hold valid in my case but I presume all have a dream to follow n to back them up...dunno u all agree....!!!!So go on Dreaming....its costs nothing..infact it can surely cost much when U tend to transform your dream into reality one day or someday :P.For me dreams just are the right emoticons to express my mood....oh boy I would go on this now only Ive started to dream about what comments Iam to get in this post friends Happy Dreaming...oops Reading...hehe!!!!!!!!

S - Soft..well.....u may think that Iam bragging too much about myself but I nothing less distinct in me was as Soft is :) :) :)...Though I can go on giving people,friends advises n show out how matured Iam but in actuality,Iam an very soft person at heart & just can'not' say 'No..'to anyone god knws why..yeah there are these times (majorily though :P) when I disagree to n do things quite which r nt required at the time (can be testified by the actions,tantrums I throw at home) but I can't see even a cockroach being killed :( it gives me those shakes n I start feeling sorry for it..n when I literally close my eyes.This explains prpbably why Iam being called as "The baby of my group" in my college :P.

This is it....totally out n out stupid post...but incase u find that I need to alter anything because I guess u al knw me better my friends ..would gladly change it..any kinda feedback is welcome.. :) :) :)

Hmmm now my turn to Tag so here goes...

For M - I would choose CM CHAP to do this...alright Mr M;~}

A - Since Akanksha has already done it...Abhishek would u...u have too no option :P

D - No as such I don't have anyone on my list with "D" but Vands can take it up
since I call her I guess Dams.. ????

S - This is is tuffie one but I would go for Mann (Sonu)..sweetie after your exam
U have somethng to do ;) .

So U al there enjoy readng n the tagged ones do read n do it as well... ;).