Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Random Eight .........

Well Preetilata and Jaggu tagged me ages ago but I could not just fit in the right time to do it..sorry the two of u..but now without waiting or making you wait I shall proceed.... :P..The tag was on listing out 8 random facts about the other rules of the tag are...

Tagging rules: 1. When tagged you must link to the person who tagged you. 2.Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random facts/habits about yourself. 3. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other bloggers.

Now one or two RANDOM FACTS is okay but 8....hmmm :P

1. Well the reason I was glad when this tag was passed on to me because it had my lucky number 8 so wanted to attempt on it, so stupid but thatz me.... :D

2. I share my birthday (26th July) with George Bernand Shaw the famous dramatist,writer of his time...but come to think of it...hmm any such feature in me as great in him...wel yeah ...I do write but I totally Randomnise writing but you love it that way..right :P
3. Well my grandfather named me Madhavi because that time in Kolkata there was this very famous Bengali star Madhobi Chatterjee and my grandpa loved her way to act :P and also my grandmother got reminded each time of Lord Krishna (Madhav) each time she saw my lil but strands of curly needless to say my hair grew fast..n finally led to my name to be kept as the female version of Lord Krishna(Madhav)'s name MADHAVI.... :)

4. Though Iam very disorganised person :P and have my things mostly scattered evrywhere...I just cant stand even if a small portion of my dress or whatever gets dirty... Iam particular about my dress,if somethng falls I just run to the wash-basin to rub off that stain or hinch of dirt :P


5. The word LOVE plays a pivotal role in my life.....I just love.....Love... :) be it in any form.... whether received or given..probably the best gifts in one's life... :D and this extends to each n evry entity in my life or the relationships I have been gifted with till now.... all ..all r special :

6. Hmm... as a young gal I have or should I say still after being 21 yrs of age (hehe) I just can't stop dreaming, err.. I mean fantasizing :P I always dream of crazy a Prince Charming shall come one fine day and take me sweeping movies evrything has to be become positive & happily end :P and many more such crazy shall elaborate more later... thatz why I say...the Kid in me shall never die even after I become 80+ n above.. & I have no regrets to this as wel.. :P

7. If given a chance I would love to travel through a time machine and fly down to my past...lemme also see what I would I have been in my previous birth ???? human,animal, inanimate object.. or what.. :P....U all r most welcome to give your answers :)

8. Well now what would call me,I myself don't know..Im one big time crazy gal :P who weirdly confused bizzarly absurd... :P I love music...its in my very admit I love singing but I love dancing more than singing...even if a
romantic soft number is going feets move automatically :)then again I love accounts and was on top of the world when I scored the highest in my 10th Boards, then in 12th got through wid 78% in accounts & now (lemme tell im persuaing Arts noe :P) & when Iam in a stage where I need to decide what my future,where it lies....n after many confusion I have decided to hit for Event Management...accounts n managing events....haha...then I hate to draw n I landed up doing a 20 months course on Multimedia n animation woawwwww... hehe :P and I just cant admiring art,I even patronise evry form of art..according to me painting is the expression how life is.its the way u paint...I love colors...and yes Iam big Nature freak........I love now u understand how utterly complex Iam then I believe Iam very simple n a soft hearted girl but according to my star sign Iam a u find any similarities....goshhhhhh...I myself sympathise with all those who bear me..thanks folks :) ...n more for that one man (who is still to come) coz hez the one after all who has to put up with my go cart maddness,tantrums for his lifetime :)Damnnnnn...she goes onnnn jabbering......hehe....but nothing can be done now....coz I love the way do u don't U.. :P

So how was it knowing me yet again... :P as I say sometimes u dont know the person until ur last breath....dont worry will keep revealing about myself quite often n so u all will certainly who this Madhavi is....and I m nt tagging anyone specifically
but the first eight comments I receive should consider themselves tagged [so I will only recomment after the 8 long Happy reading :)].


Pure & Pristine said...

oh my god..this girl is a human being or a typewriter..i cant read the whole but one thing i tell..madhavi is the most emotional intellectual dreamer i came through..till now the most maintained blog i ever saw..claps..

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

hey... lovely post... its always nice 2 knw mr abt everybody...

Bizarre Kid said...

I'm not visiting your blog.. pehle you change the template.. Then I'll come back.. ;)

anonme said...

why am i NOT surprised??
i kinda knew u were this sweet and bubbly and cute!! :D
love ya loads sweetsie! it was funnnn knowing u yet again!

i loved that last pic with the gal shruggin her shoulders.. i can picturise u doin that too!

ŋεεяѕ said...

Hmmmmmm....lots of new things abt u!
btw, i think im tagged :p but abhi exams hai na, will do it soon after.

love ya

Vandita said...

hehe i already have this tag pending ... kal sochna shuru karti hoon
and yeah there were a quite a few new things abt u in there... loved the pics too
love ya :)

--xh-- said...

it was fun reading this, madz. i did it already, so i can comment now, with out getting tagged ;) and hey, do dream a lot - that keeps your mind young and open. I love dreaming, and playing fnatasies in my mind :) this tag kind of reinforces the image of you i created in my mind :)

Sam said...

hmmm... interesting mads!!!! more dan anything the pics came in to speak volumes abt u!!!

Sameera said...

That was a lovely post!You are so full of life!Cheers :)

Jaggu said...

Hey...thx for responding to mefor the chained tag. And the compilation is too good , ofcourse the facts as well.:). Anyways, I also came up with a new blog. Keep reading them too...

Madhavi said...

Hmmm so finally 10 comments now i can recomment ;)so here goes...

Are yaar tussi mujhe har baar inna uncha kyu chadha dete newyz bows down in appreciation :) thxs
and btw ur tagged so after ur exms u hve somethng to do :)

Glad u liked d post sweetu hugs n lodsa of luv..

@ Rohit..
Cmon u na y aint m changing this ;) n btw ur tagged so better do somethng constructive for a chnge ;)

@ Aks..
*smiles* hugs n lods of luv..

@ Kishie..
Glad u liked it bache..yes sweetheart ur tagged bt koi gal nahi aaram se kar le..its nt runnin newhr ;)
Lodsa of luv n hugs..

Madhavi said...

@ Dams...
Glad to know u too liked it & d pics :) love ya too sweets,hugs.

@ --XH--
Hey so ur lucky guy..;)newyz wil read urz soon n comment n hey tht was nice piece of advise :) n i wud luv to knw wt kinda image u drew of me ;)

@ Sam
ty ty n just *smiles*

@ Sameera
Hey welcome abroad my lil blogspace..glad u liked it n thxs 4 d compliment sweetie :)n I do hope u wud drop by frm now on more often ;) shall visit urz soon too :)

@ Jaggu..
My pleasure jaggu...n glad u liked the compilation of facts :) n wil surely visit ur blog soon :)

Lena said...

lovely post, was fun reading :)
And i loved your new template :)

Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true in it!! :)

Amey said...

Nice template... but can you change the contrast? Either a lighter font or a lighter background?

Happy New Year!!! What are your plans for new year's eve?

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey Lena...
Welcome abroad dear n glad u liked my new template & the post...n heartfelt wishes to u too for a fab year ..have rocking 2008 :) shal visit ur space soon :)

@ Amey..
Hello ji...ya i knw its a bit dark wrking on it..n btw i too hve a complaint against u..ur page does nt open :( each time i click on d post to read more or write comments it becomes stand still :( n does nt open evn after waiting for 15 odd mins so m nt able to access ur page it smthng abt it...
Well Happy new year to u sweets..hve a most rockin one...hmm New year's eve plans..hmm as of now ive no plans shans chalked out..let it come as it comes...lets c hw it shal go n wt it shal just dance to its plans made by me.. :P..u say hws ur new yr eve gonna b...

preetilata said...

oh god!.finally u hav done it. u made me wait so loooong. but let me tell u 1 secret... this mad tag of urs is worth waiting. wowww tag brilliantly u hv done d tag !!! and the template is beautiful..soooooo dreamy. and i can c so many beautiful n cute pics 2.

u r 1 grt gal i hv come across.

what ...ur lucky no. is 8. mine is the same 2. :) GB Shaw ws a legend. n u madhvi is breath taker...with ur words u tk our breath away. :)

yes i agree love rocks. n lik u me also love love.

ur name and the naming both are awesome. names r not only mare names... beside our identity it carries with it so many emotions, feelings and stories.

dear mads...dreaming has got nothing 2 do with age. never stop dreaming even if u r 100 yrs old. atlest at that age u can dream of reducing ur such an splendid old-age . hi hi :D
IN previous life accrdng 2 me u wr MADS n in nxt life also u will b MADZ as i am simply in love with this MADS n cant imagine u in any other way. always remain the same MADZ u r. so i think u can put a pic of MADS thr in :)

each n evrything abt u is simply grt dear... as mad as u.
i simply MAD ur MADness :P :D


thnx mads 4 taking the PIF challenge. i am glad 2 play it with u. i wish i cud hv shown u my happy face.

dear mads as per the rule of PIF u r suppose 2 play it with 3 ppl. but i think u can play it with more if u want 2 as lena 2 is playing with 4/5 because she got 2 many requests. (but acrding 2 me playing with 3 has gt a meaning.i think by this way v get connected with not only with those whom v know bttr but with those also whom v r yet to know)
but mk sure that whomsoever u r playing with is also playing it with 3 mores.

lov u lots...dear mads.
tk cr alwys
:) :) :)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey Preeti...
Boy....sucha big comment n itz overfloodin wid just compliments :D
now thxs 4 liking the pics n template... :)and i take ur breath away gosh preeti..eibaar baabte hobe :P..hey same pinch on no 8. n love...:) seriously love is life !!! n as of my name.. *smiles* ty, yeah can go on dreamin re, I see no limits to my dreaming bt just tht was tryin to check wt happens if i tie them in my some born to dream n wil dream till the last breath of my life..n thtz quite gud implemnt tht whn i reach my oldage..thxs 4 it dearie..& together u n me can live a dream sweetie someday i promise.. :) tht wud somethng i wud love to do..shall we :)
N ya baby il shall alwyz alwyz remain the same ol MADS u love...n this MADS loves alsoooo vryyyyy muchhh..
Bang on gt wt has to be done wid PIF i gez i wud stick to 3...yeah agree wid ya...true indeed its helps in creatng n strengthenin the bond evn more :)
Love ya lods dear preeti...u tkcr as wel

Garima said...

very sweet! nice read!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey Garu...
thanks n glad u liked it sweetie... :)
hugs n lodsa love

Artster said...


The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey Artster...
Welcome aboard... thxs n glad u liked this post :)