Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A - Z ..........MY WAY ;)

Back again with the ABC tag.. pretty held up these days as the Exam fever has slowly started its effect...im lulling off to sleep within seconds of opening my text book :P......Iam going frantically crazy.....haywire........and what not.........coz everyday have to run to get some or the other note or stupid reference book xeroxed....notes (read rupees) are going down the drain like never before.... :((((( Iam at such a stage..where Iam all broke ..... but still xeroxing and purchasing of goddamn books still continue......anyways was a bit free today so thought of posting :D..now now why are u looking at me like that... ;) ya ya im starting with the tag...

A ~~~~ 'A'

You all wondering why I kept it as 'A'...coz this alphabet in itself means a lot more than everything to me...........nearly every important thing (read as person) are 'A's and I find my life connected 'A' things quite more than other ones... :)

B ~~~~ 'BOOKS'???????

Books and me???? hmmm yeah yeah I do read books at times...only which will/give/leave a strong impact on me those are the ones I find myself really into....oh yeah I forgot; my exams are coming up...so more of reading books and books :( and these doesnt interest or intrigue me they are so boringggggggggg :((((((


Aaah..........my life :D can't imagine without these two.....hmmm okay u can share my chocolate and if u come over my place promish to provide with a cuppa coffee; my grandma says I make good coffee so welcome ;)

D ~~~~ 'DRIVE'

Life is a crazy drive...we all are riding on it... :) I love this drive ..... :P

E ~~~~ 'EASY'........'EXAMS':((((((

I know there is no relation between the two...just that I like everything that is easy..and these m too high on Exam fever thats what..n no way Easy and exams come on the same path way for me..NOWAY ...exams r hell ..they aint n never b easy :P


Now what else should I write on 'F'....this is simple and the most obvious one.. :D

G ~~~~ 'GOD'



Now thats how Iam..... ;)

J ~~~~ 'JULY'

Yaye that was the month I was born so what now... ;) :P


Wow those were the days..perfect....I so wanna go back to those days...mummmyyyy :D

L ~~~~ 'LOVE'

*smiles* and just more of it......my blog post is incomplete without this word....

M ~~~~ 'MADHAVI'

Duh...rofl...thats me...yours truly :D


For now and always..& after all, this is what keeps us (everyone) going.. :)

O ~~~~ 'ORCHIDS'

Wanna gift me those...Iam in love with them from day 1....first sight love you see :D beautiful they are and will be always. (Btw U can team it up with red roses; if u planning to gift me flowers :D)

P ~~~~ 'PLEASE'

So 'please' excuse me.... :D

Q ~~~~ 'QUESTIONS'??????

Aarrrgh....thats what Iam answering right now...aint Iam... hehe..so let the next 'question' come.....;)

R ~~~~ 'REALITY'

:O :O....reality really bites...ouch....but its the base we all live on..thrive on..survive on...

OMG me into so much of philoism... :P


Not the name of the confectionary store...:P but its my way to live my life.... :)


:P ;)


First lemme go and explore then shall let u all what I found out ;) but cmon atleast pray for me that I get an oyster.... :D


My fav hangout ;) U find me hanging in there .... ;)

W ~~~~ 'WATER'

Phew.... Iam already drained out doing this tag.... :P screams for water....:D

Y ~~~~ 'YAWN' ;)

*yawns* planning to sleep any moment....


ZzZzZzzzzz....t h e r e g o e s I h a a vvvv ee eee.... alreadyyyyy d o zzzzzz eeeeeee ddddd offfff...
hehe.... :D

Hey u folks who haven't done this....do it...time to revise on your alphabets..cmon get into action :D

Love all.....cheers....oh btw...HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY :D...so how many did u manage to nail down...hehe...... enjoy... :)


Lena said...

really good one!
hope it didnt make you really sleep? :P
So bad it was not!

"Ice cream and Ice"??? :P
Which flavour are you? ;)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

hehe...no this did not lull me to sleep the thought of getting back to books after this did :P
for me...its strawberry...along with or followed by chocolate n choco chips :D

--xh-- said...

a2z of madz :-) nice one.. if u like the drive that is life, why dont u try the drive in a car? :-D ice creams.. any time u need company, u know ho to call :-D even on a rainy hell freeze over day, i can eat lot of ice creams... >:D

nivyakimbi said...

hii first timer here... u too like ice creams!! good... when r u plannin to give a treat? :P

ŋεεяѕ said...

good one and i want an ice cream!!!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

@ -- XH--
well i dunno mind that...bt prefer bike n my dreams ;)wow thats gud..ya now i know whom to call :)

@ Nivyakimbi
Hey welcome abroad...:0 thxs 4 dropping by n i dunno like icecreams i simply love them :) and as for treat well lemme see whn treat myself will call u over for sure :)

@ Neers...
Ok come right over here :D will have milke :) lods of em... :)

Pri said...

heyy nice A-Z...
"A" ahem ahem!!
"ice cream and ice" u mean something like those ice golas u get? :p
though wonder how u dint come up with anything other than 'underwear' for 'u' :-/

Vandita said...

hahaa the KG thing was really cute :)
and coffee and chocolates is sooo me too :D

Ankur said...


hope u really didnt sleep :P

waise A.. huh ??? kaun hai woh.. bolo bolo kaun hai woh ??? :D

Now thats how Iam..... ;)

:P :P
*ROFL... cant stop it.. :D

**V ~~~~ 'VERANDAH'
My fav hangout ;) U find me hanging in there ....

even i love it... especially during monsoon and garmi ki shaams... :D

nice one... nice post.. u cud have been better if u wud be completely awake... :D

Cheers.. and Take Care!!!

Abhishek Khanna said...

nice one :P

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

@ Pri..
A - hehe :)
I - yeah yeah golas as well as the real ice :P
Lolol for 'u'...ab underwear wali to quite obvious to mera kuch to innovation hona chahiye na ;)

@ Dams..
:) glad u liked it sweets n i know the coffee n chocs one ..same pinch then :D

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

@ Ankur..
Ahem ahem....
nei nei main so jati agar ye tag aur lambha jata toh :P
@ A's hai hai bahut saare hain btw arrey this reminds me; aap b to A n u too r special in tht way :D
I - same pinch :D
lolol...no problemo :)
expecting for d garmi...all same same.. :D
Thanks sir for ur advise il keep this duly in mind and write my next post :)
Cheers as well...

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

@ Abhi..
thank u hai ji :)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

tango charlie whaaat? lol. that bobby deol movie eh?
roflmao! :P

hehe, basic thing u forgot btw.. to mention WHO tagged u this! :P

tc! :)

all the best for the exams!

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

i knw abt a and i agree on the book and coffee... [:P] lovely read mads!!!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

@ Monz...
na na not tht one..jus somethng for nothng types ;) hehe...
@ no one tagged me..i just looked juicy n interesting so stole it hehe...n how come u didnt comment on A thngie ;)nevertheless... :P
U tc as wel :) n thanchew for ya wishes :D

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

@ Mann..
:) i know tht u know nearly everything..glad u liked the post sweetie..u tc..love ya lods

♥ßũţŧëŕƒĺγ♥ said...

hehe, ohh, i thought you wanted to keep the A-issue completely under wraps so I didnt mention it here! :)
btw, talking about it..any new developments on that front?

♥ßũţŧëŕƒĺγ♥ said...

lol if you're wondering, this is busy_writer. am commenting from my alternate blog! forgot to sign outta it.hehe!

btw, can you please get this word verification off? its so damn annoying! :( :|

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

haha...i understood from the style of writing i had to be u only...ya ya gud gal keep it under wraps itself...no develpmnt as yet :( same ol position :(( okies i like remove tht nt a problemo sweetie

Ankur said...


lamba ho jaata toh kya???
matlab tum lazy bhi ho... :P

haan aur main toh special hoon hi in some way... but in that way whos the special one... huh ?? :D

oh... u r welcome.. hum hain hi kis liye aur :D

Cheers n take Care :)

freesherry said...

I am sherry and I have started a picture deication thread an my blog

someone has dedicated a picture and a message to you at

your dedicator is waiting for your reply
take care

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

@ Ankur...
Hehe... :) kya tu b A ko leke baitha hai..chal thik hai its my best frnd, dadi, aadhe se aadhe relations aur tu b :) [also majorily my blogroll list too] :P aur jaisa aap samjh rhe hain waise to ab tak koi 'a' nei aaya lets c... :)
n i know na tussi kaise ho :)..rock on re
u tkcr as well..cheers :D

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey Sherry
Welcome aboard m indeed honored to be bestowed wid sucha dedication sure gal wil check it..
u take care as well..n thxs a lot for droppin by :)

garima said...

wat hapnd to ur orkut acct??

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey garu..
I just deleted it sweetie,it was gettin flooded with random requests n spams and also my profile gt corrupted or smthng so deleted ,will be back after exams for sure :)

Ankur said...

aya nahi... hmmm... :P


waise isnt this time for new post maddie ji!!! ;)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Seriously aaya nei hai...arre sabka tym hota hai jab jo hona hota hai tym pe chod..right thngs at rite time :)
yeah naya 'tag' post wil cm up soon :)

Anonymous said...

u like tango charlie so much??? n best of luck for ur exams though i guess i might be late

Jaggu said...

Hey, Good to know more about you.

Niyara - Asian Rocxs said...

argh i HATE HATE HATE readin books that BORE me!! feel 4 u!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey Samby...
Welcome aboard my lil blogspace :) n tango charlie nt the one u thinking i wasnt gettin nethng for ' t' so :P no man u aint late becoz my exams strt frm apr18th so u just perfectly ahead of time :)duncha worry :)thxs 4 droppin by btw..wil check

@ Jaggu...
Glad to know tht :)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

@ Niyara..
I so know tht feeling gal..its ok exams have an vital role to play in our lives :)

Sam said...

here comes along another tag for you... chk it out!!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...