Friday, April 2, 2010

Its all about Laurveeeeee :) :P

And they say its easy
'to love' than 'being loved'..

What do you guys have to say???..a quick and a sudden thought.....


Vandita said...

who says so?? i'd say both are extremely difficult involving a lot of effort!

me said...

easy yes...bcoz loving is in our hands but being loved is not..

anyway, uve got to be really selfless to just love without expecting anything in return..!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

some frnd of mine was telling her experience so just a quick thought ran across my mind too..and yeah Love itself comes with a lotsa hard work which one ends up executing voluntarily :D :)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

yeps..its all about being selfless & in today's world u rarely come across such people..well iam lucky to have some for me :D

garima said...

well yes..easier to love but to love without expectations..tough!
being loved is not in ur hands but when someone does truly love u..u hav to make an effort to hold on to that special person!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

The love of that person automatically make u love that person :P yeah if all r like u then it does become easy to love & being loved as well..
Love u too :)